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Chameleon Carpet

Room mood change at the turn of a dial.
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Glas fiber can be woven into cloth, such BetaCloth as it's known was developed by NASA. My Idea is to make a carpet from transparent betacloth. by default this would look white. but small LEDs are run around the edges of the carpet in the three primary colours. By andjusting the proportions of each colour the carpet can be lit with just about any shade like a TV screen. The glow would be dim so it'd look more like the carpet had simply changed colour, like a TV screen. But it'd look very impressive in a dark room. The voltage would be very low so the running cost would be low and the glass fiber is stain proof, any spils would wipe off. With a little refinement (and more money) you could make carpets wich could have animated paterns programed into them like rippled water say, maybe selected via a remote control.

Could lead to exchanges like "Sorry can't come out right now I'm downloading a new carpet tone."

Bronzewing, Dec 17 2004

(?) Game of Life - in Colour http://www.fastlane.../index.cgi?gol.html
You could animate it with something like this... [Detly, Dec 17 2004]


       Cat takes running leap at new glass fibre Chemeleon Carpet, flips on back and whizzes across the room upside down, rights itself in far doorway and continues on, charged, looking for owner with freshly made sardine on toast......
ConsulFlaminicus, Dec 17 2004

       Would it not be really uncomfortable though?
harderthanjesus, Dec 17 2004

       I'm told that betacloth is rather like rough cloth, not nice to wear but it'd be ok for a carpet. I THINK nasa use it for crew overalls, not next to the skin but makes a good non flamable top layer.
Bronzewing, Dec 17 2004

       So long as it's not like astroturf. The possibilities for this idea are near endless, I'd certainly buy one. It caters to my fickle nature perfectly.
harderthanjesus, Dec 17 2004

       I love this idea. See link for what I'd do with it. :)
Detly, Dec 17 2004

       You could make the room look like an open pit. Talk about your sunken living rooms.   

       + yoobayooba +
DesertFox, Dec 17 2004

       With a sensor to detect the color of objects on the carpet, it could automatically change to that color for a more realistic Chameleon effect.
Shz, Dec 17 2004

       No, it won't [Shz]. I will only create a dark spot. Like putting something infront of a glowing screen.
neoearth, Dec 19 2004


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