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Criminal capturing Burglar Alarm

It catches criminals before they ever leave.
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(this is my first idea, sorry if it is baked.) Usually, when criminals try to rob a house, they break in and a minute after beginning to loot the place, the alarm sounds and they flee. So, why not capture that criminal before he ever escapes?

This is where the Criminal Capturing Alarm comes in. One room on the lowest floor of the house, usually the basement if the house has one, is designated as a "jail zone" (more on this later). In all of the main points of the house (you know, exits, steps, etc.), there are trap doors covered by throw rugs. When the alarm sounds, the trap doors unlock, creating holes in the floor covered by throw rugs. When the criminal runs for the exit, he falls through the doors in the floor and in to the Jail Zone, landing on a now-inflated airbag. Also when the alarm sounds, security gates close over all doors and windows in the jail zone to prevent escape. Possibly, a monitor could be mounted on the wall in the Jail Zone as well. Sensors in the house detect was has happened and the monitor then displays a list of possible charges he/she could be convicted for. Finally, the police are called. The house flashes its outdoor lights, (porch light, lamp post, etc.) to attract attention as well.

Optional features would be things like:

2nd floor protection Security gates over rooms in the house like bedrooms etc.

wolstech, May 31 2006

(?) Burglar_20Oubliette Courtesy of [Steve DeGroof]. [Shz, May 31 2006]


       I think there are other hb ideas like this.
sninctown, May 31 2006

       Fairly sure this is illegal in the UK... anyone?
david_scothern, May 31 2006

       //sp: burgular//   

skinflaps, May 31 2006

       Dropping them on air bags? And calling the police? I don’t thinks so! I prefer to deposit the criminals into a deep concrete well. Sprinkling a bag of lye every once in a while is all the upkeep I need.
ldischler, May 31 2006

       What [skinflaps] said.   

       Regarding the idea, I think it's a little farfetched, unless you have a big house, lots of money and lots of time on your hands. Personally I would say you've just got over-excited while watching Home Alone, and decided to do what little Kevin couldn't with a bucket of micromachines, pillow feathers, bowling ball, xmas tree decorations, clingfilm, and one of those heated-iron things. :)
kuupuuluu, May 31 2006

       Did you ever see the video of the bank robber who couldn't get out of the bank when the alarm sounded? He forgot that the door opened inwards...
Ling, May 31 2006

       welcome wolstech - bakery can be a bit of bear-pit, but don't give up... giving you a + because you're a "newbie". I haven't been here that long either - 9 months, so I'm one as well.
xenzag, May 31 2006

       Looks like, by the link Steve found, that this is redundant. So, [marked-for-deletion]. (Weird how the first one did so much better. Maybe because you didn't have to read it, as the sub-title said everything.)
ldischler, May 31 2006

       My Idea is sort of like the link that was posted, only that the burglar falls through the floor. The airbag is to prevent the burglar from being injured, so he can't sue for hospital charges.   

       An extension to my idea: about the trap door: you can replace this with any method that would result in the burglar entering the jail zone. For instance: The jail zone may have a long hallway with a valuable at the end like a plasma TV. He breaks a laser in the hallway and this drops solid steel security doors at each end of the hallway. Now it is functional and usable as living space.
wolstech, Jun 02 2006

       [Ling], is that the one where he finally got out when a little old lady opened the door to come in?
Zimmy, Jun 05 2006

       That's the one.
Ling, Jun 05 2006


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