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Casperizer (TM) Intruder Detection/Response Apparatus

Most useful at night.
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Every room in the house is fitted with several blacklights, and every window and door has a container of baking soda or hypoallergenic baby powder with a release mechanism connected to a regular intruder detection system. If forced entry is detected through any window or door, the powder is dumped on the intruder in prodigious quantities. The blacklights then come on, which should not only highlight the intruder himself (should he try skulking in the corner) but also the trail of white powdery footprints left behind if, say, he tried hiding in a closet or behind furniture. This all assumes, of course, that he doesn't panic and run in fear of being heard during the inevitable powder-in-the-face sneeze attack.
21 Quest, Sep 18 2013


       Nice low budget effect - I prefer neon-green pepper spray myself...As a backup I have fire extinguishers that meet similar purposes.
normzone, Sep 18 2013

       Halon fire extinguishers are a surprisingly effective close-quarters weapon.

       CO2 extinguishers are nearly as good, if the "horn" is unscrewed.

       Dry powder units are better for generating a "smokescreen".
8th of 7, Sep 19 2013

       I was thinking that baking soda would be good because then you kill two birds with one stone, as vacuuming up the baking soda also freshens up the carpets and upholstery. Halon would work well as a crime deterrent, particularly if the room was sealed airtight prior to deployment.
21 Quest, Sep 19 2013

       Nice idea. Maybe a little more explanation to the method of applying the powder. It has to be timed correctly so it is applied as the intruder passes through the entry point instead of when it is forced open.
rcarty, Sep 19 2013

       Well I don't see how it matters if it's applied to the intruder before or during entry, so long as it is applied to the intruder, as the post says it shall be. If it's applied prior to entry and the would-be intruder runs off, then the system has successfully acted as a deterrent. That is a win scenario. If it's applied during or after entry, then the intruder might still run away (post-entry deterrence... still a win scenario). If applied before, during, or after entry and the intruder is not deterred, it still prevents said intruder from hiding or avoiding detection. Win.
21 Quest, Sep 19 2013


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