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Critical mass light.

Let their bio light.
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Thin flexible hollow panels contain the bacteria V. fischeri [link] in an amino acid rich medium.
The thickness of the panel precisely determines the number of bacterium which can grow.

With the the flick of a switch several bacteria are reintroduced so the whole can attain critical mass and luminesce.

Bacteria whisperer. http://www.wired.co...1.04/quorum_pr.html
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Apr 18 2010]

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       I think it was saying that they're still luminescent at lower numbers, but they get brighter when they reach critical mass... so you'd have a softly glowing night light until you needed more light.   

       I wonder how quickly they light up when they do reach critical mass. Hmm...   

       However, [+] regardless.
CaptainClapper, Apr 18 2010

       I thought this was going to be a Klaxon on the Biggest Loser weigh-in stage. WARNING! YOU'VE ACHIEVED CRITICAL MASS! LIGHT CANNOT ESCAPE YOUR EVENT HORIZON!
RayfordSteele, Apr 20 2010

       I was so much expecting this to be a huge pile of pseudo-physics drivel that I had to read it a couple times to figure out what the idea actually was, and that it was actually coherent and logical.   

       It's an interesting idea, though I wonder how long it would take for the light to "turn on" after you hit the switch. Bacteria don't grow instantly. [+-]
5th Earth, Apr 23 2010

       They don't grow instantly but as far as I know they light up quickly once the right number is reached so if a portion of them are separated the light goes off. Reintroduce them and the light goes on.
No growth.

       Ah, I see. I should have figured that out. Bun, then.
5th Earth, Apr 25 2010


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