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very very subtle

Draw a molecular gravity field skeleton, underlay on charge calculations
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I was trying to imagine a virtual photon volume and pondered if outer space's volume is just the same as an equal volume deep in a cell surrounded by large molecules.

Since biological molecules run on charge fields, I have to imagine the fields are continuous right down to the virtual photon field interaction. This logically brings me to the conclusion that there would be a definite difference in the makeup between the two volumes.

THis makes me think that mass does have a role. Not because of the mass on mass (some neglible number) but because of the mass on the virtual photon fabric which in turn affect the electromagnetic and charge fields.

So the idea is to plot masses of molecules and make up a function a density volume between the molecules, to help plot folding, action engeries under charges.

I know mass on mass gravity is so small to be not needed in calculation but given a molecule between equal charges , the impercetable gravition effect amount might be the nudge. Trying to magnify/function this effect up as an envelope guide might simplify energy calculations.

Ultiimately, energy is just an attribute and whether dark matter is the ultimate turtle cell, time will tell.

wjt, Aug 20 2021


       //whether dark matter is the ultimate turtle cell, time will tell//   

       What does time have to do with matter........oh.
AusCan531, Aug 20 2021

       I don't remember where I read it, but an interesting take on dark matter is that it is otherwise-normal matter, but in a different set of dimensions. Gravity (being a distortion of space-time) is the only "force" that can cross all the dimensions, which is why we can detect the effects of the mass of dark matter, but not see it or anything else.
neutrinos_shadow, Aug 20 2021

       I've been saying since I got here that universes occupy the same space separated only by time. Since time and space are the same thing... the gravity overlaps. No dark matter, just unacknowledged alternate realities.   

       So if we wait long enough, will another universe come along?
pertinax, Aug 20 2021

       Already has.   

       I have always thought that dark matter is the result of a tiny force present in each atom that cannot ever be detected because its size evades all technology and always will but at the volume and scale of the universe, this becomes a significant presence. It's a bit like seeing tidal movements and trying to determine their cause by examining individual water molecules.
xenzag, Aug 20 2021

       I think it's just wearing camo, like perhaps the majority of folk in the universe discovered truly effective cloaking and are just wagging their tongues at the rest of us dolts.
RayfordSteele, Aug 20 2021

       it's edge definfition. Define something and work out where that something ends and the rest starts. Where does the surface of the sea stops and air starts depends on scale and scope.   

       [2fries] Multiple universes, really? I can imagine quivers on the here and now that feel like other universes but other universes with the full blown intricate detail of this one, I'm not that taken with that idea.   

       [neutrinos_shadow] State or Dimension? I thought, Dark because the standard energies we can measure, haven't got anyway to get altered by it. A mass that looks like the virtual photon volume. A bit like resin fix in glass, optically the same.   

       [xenzag] Nice.   

       [A1] Definitely fodder for imagination. How do they stack/group? or are they just universally slippery with volume to move elastically? Or may be a perfect Newton's cradle type deal? Or even a multidimensional entangled condensate.   

       [RayfordSteele] Don't tell the military, they may invest some money.
wjt, Aug 21 2021

       //[2fries] Multiple universes, really? I can imagine quivers on the here and now that feel like other universes but other universes with the full blown intricate detail of this one, I'm not that taken with that idea.//   


       ...Imagine that all matter and energy entering a singularity exceeds the speed of light.   

       If that is the case then it follows that the matter/energy, (minus some radiation), travels backwards in time.
If left unchecked it would all re-accumulate and attain critical mass at what can only always be thought of as the dawn of time.

       Each itteration identical to the one before minus just enough matter/energy to change a single moment of time.   

       All existing simultaneously as a whole with consciousness being the determining factor.   

       Free will and destiny coexisting. Sure it's all been written... but at the same time if it's infinite... then some of it can not have been written even after an almost infinite number of cycles...   


       It's pi.   

       You lost me at virtual photon fabric. Do you have a link? preferably with digestible formulae?
Voice, Aug 21 2021

       Ensure is essentially the same thing, only with chocolate.
RayfordSteele, Aug 22 2021

       (G m M)/r^2   

       But for very very small m, M and r
Frankx, Aug 23 2021

       //You lost me at virtual photon fabric.//   

       The sea sometimes has white tips but I don't know if there's a simple pressure wave shape equation for the colour state of the sea.
wjt, Aug 24 2021

       Yes, that stress energy # structure is wonder, is it?
wjt, Aug 29 2021


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