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Crop Circle Maker Robot

Avoid salt in yer buttox.
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This solar-powered partially biodegradable crop circle-making robot is equipped with a GPS receiver and USB interface. Using the software from the accompanying CD, upload the desired pattern (create your own or buy cute patterns at the website for $14.99 each).

Once the job is done, the robot turns off and burns the electronics/propulsion parts, letting the rest to be devoured by microbes and small insects, leaving the origins of the pattern a mystery!

xipetotec, Sep 26 2007

Roomba Development Toolkit Roomba_20Development_20Toolkit
Roomba could be used to make crop circles [ed, Sep 26 2007]


       Who need aliens!
flynn, Sep 26 2007

       How about creating a new form of phenomenon: the Robin Hood crop robot, which uproots small amounts of grain from different places so it is barely noticed and then travels round the globe using a combination of helium/solar/mojo to a village where the people are hungry, and plants it in an interesting pattern.
marklar, Sep 26 2007

       I thought the Roomba could be modified for doing this (see link). But a robot that decomposes is much more interesting.   

       Perhaps the robot could break down into fertilizing chemicals, to help new crops grow after everyone has documented the phenomenon.
ed, Sep 26 2007

       [bigsleep]And the Anti Crop Circle Maker Robot Robots could be made by a secretly-controlled daughter company of the Crop Circle Maker Robot maker. <Evil Laugh>   

       [21 Quest]The robot wouldn't destroy too much crops -- within the regular loss to pests/harvester inefficiency/etc. Besides, it's not like there's a shortage of food on the planet -- there's more of a distribution problem to which the crop circles may drive some needed public attention.   

       [ed]Also, the robot can carry some nightcrawlers, releasing them along the way to improve the soil.
xipetotec, Sep 26 2007

       [Marklar] is a genious. sp?
zeno, Sep 26 2007


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