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Cross sport olympics

Wind down after the olympics with athelets trying each others sports
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Yes, it's time again to marvel at the magnificence of the human body. Wonder at athletes' abilities to push the boundaries. Be astounded at their strength, endurance, speed and accuracy.

Horrendous isn't it?

Feeling down at the fact that they can run 400 meters in the time it takes you to run 100 (if you're lucky)?

Here's a solution to make you feel better!

I'd like to see the atheletes taking part in sports (or categories of their own sport) that they don't compete in. Weight lifters swimming, 100m runners on the parallel bars and teeny weeny little girly gymnasts struggling to pick up just the weight lifting bar with no weights on it!!

Obviously this would all take place after the main events so that it doesn't interfere with training and has the added bonus of showing everyone that off topic highly trained atheletes are as normal as you and me.

scubadooper, Jul 23 2004

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angel, Jul 23 2004

       Rowing (should be good for a luagh trust me)
scubadooper, Jul 23 2004

       a 'dis-cus' ting idea er This idea has a few hurdles to overcome .. er .. It should go swimmingly well.. I'd run a mile to see this idea We shouldn't 'weight' before 'lifting' this idea to fruition   

       er ..   

       Let's hammer this idea home Let's 'relay' this idea to others   

       etc. etc. lardy dah! er .. have a + !
britboy, Jul 23 2004

       Thank you
scubadooper, Jul 23 2004

       Fascinating if they athletes could be cross about something before taking part...
"I'm really cross about the state of this stadium"
"I'm mildly upset by the time it took to get here"
"I'm miffed about the tightness of my shorts and having to show off my lunchbox"
etc ad nauseam
DenholmRicshaw, Jul 23 2004


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