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Drunk Driving Pub Crawl Olympics

An old problem becomes a new sport
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Contestants indulge in supervised drinking followed by lapping a walled-off obstacle course in the host city and returning to the pub. Electric vehicles festooned with cameras record individual progress while lapel mics record contestant commentary (invective bleeped using 5 second delay).

Contestants are graded on adherence to driving regulations, form, seat belts, speed, use of sidewalks, innovative shortcuts, parking skills, mood, courtesy, bleeped invective and coming to a full stop before exiting the vehicle.

Airbag activation toggles a kill switch, disabling the vehicle.

whatrock, Aug 16 2016

Kind-of like this? https://www.youtube...watch?v=phtfV4jUMQE
A famous drinking-and-racing sequence. [Vernon, Aug 16 2016]


       Could be combined with pub golf. Could also be the event which justifies Glasgow as host city.
calum, Aug 16 2016

       // Glasgow as host city //   

       Errr, who'd notice ?
8th of 7, Aug 16 2016

       dangerous and irresponsible. [+]
Voice, Aug 16 2016

       "In sport today, the Irish continued their 12 year domination of the Drunken Olympics, winning gold, silver, and bronze in every event. Coming in fourth place in the 20 km obstacle course was a Russian just traveling on his daily commute..."
RayfordSteele, Aug 17 2016


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