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Crossing race

Race across a circle
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A circle 100m diameter has around its edge approximately 31 and a half pillars. At the top of each pillar is a numbered flag corresponding to the number on the pillar diametrically opposite.

Each runner starts at their numbered pillar and on the sound of the gun they have to run over to the opposite pillar, grab the flag, and return to their own pillar to plant the flag in it.

Electronic gubbins detect the planting of the correct flag in the correct pillar to give an automated announcement of the winner. Actually the first insertion of a flag into its corresponding pillar should instantly close all the other sockets thus leaving all the other pillars flagless and the other athletes embarearsedly holding their losing flags.

Points either earned or deducted for viscously fouling the other athletes depending on whether it is to be a clean or dirty race.

pocmloc, Apr 15 2017


       // viscously fouling the other athletes //   

       That's either a deliciously apt malapropism, or one of the most disturbing things ever posted on the HB.
8th of 7, Apr 15 2017

       //viscously fouling// details of the runners haven't been specified. I've heard snails have feet. Perhaps these are two-footed snails?   

       If there was an even number of pillars, evenly spaced, they could have opposites. If there was an odd number, no. When you say approximately 31.5, are you thinking 32 or more like 31.4159?
caspian, Apr 15 2017

pocmloc, Apr 16 2017

       Good, very glad that's sorted out.   

       // I've heard snails have feet. //   

       Not from snails - they can't talk. But yes, snails are gastropods, which means "foot-stomach".   

       // Perhaps these are two-footed snails? //   

       Very unlikely, but possible.
8th of 7, Apr 16 2017

       Cows, like snails, have one stomach per foot.   

       This makes it likelier that you'll encounter a four-footed snail, which has somehow been cross-bred with a cow.
Wrongfellow, Apr 16 2017


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