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Crosswalk Light Shower

If I cannot see them in the dark, then bask them in multi-colored light!
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Crossing the street at night while trying to get to your favorite late night party spot downtown can often be perilous. While the speeds of oncoming traffic are not that great, its still one more thing EVERYONE has to worry about.

Now I've seen in-pavement lighting for crosswalks (with link) which are pretty badass. But the down town party scene can afford to be a little cooler.

Introducing the Crosswalk Light Shower. Mounted high above the street and angled downward, high intensity beams of colored light iluminate the footpath path and the bodies of the street crossers as well. As pedestrians begin to gather on the corner for their journey across the river of asphalt they can notice their path iluminated in bright, vibrant blue (or whatever color city planners deem appropriate). As the walkers are heading over to the other side and the light changes into a cautionary warning to 'stop walking' the light again changes color, illuminating the stragglers so they can be plainly seen by traffic and other passers by ...

Other versions can support an under water theme featuring deep blue with waves of white light patterns, and the ever popular "Pits of Fiery Hell" mode. In addition, the themes can be changed by simply reprogramming the control module located inside the streetlight timing box. Go from red and green for christmas to bright blue for spring.

Letsbuildafort, May 21 2004

In-street crosswalk lights http://www.walkingi.../pedsmart/tlite.htm
neat-o! [Letsbuildafort, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

In-street lights in use http://www.pedestri...s1to30/episode6.htm
!o-taen [Letsbuildafort, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Ha! and everyone can stop halfway as the lights rapidly change colour and the music begins.Bring back the crossing the street party, complete with accordians and harmonica's,agogo bells, cuica's,surdos and the like.This vision is truly worth a Brazilian disco bun [+]
skinflaps, May 21 2004

       I'm trying to picture this in Georgetown, (party city)unfortunately the party keeps getting interrupted by massive car pileups and human chaos. But what do I know...love the idea though+
dentworth, May 21 2004

       A vision indeed, lbaf. gets my vote for the coolest crosswalk in town.
"Hey! No breakdancing in the traffic flow!"
lostdog, May 21 2004

       Won't you take me to... Funky Town? +
k_sra, May 26 2004

       Thanks for the links [lbaf].   

       Maybe you can win "Intersection of the Month" in episode7. +
Lacus Trasumenus, May 27 2004


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