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LED-light effect filter

Ideal for the eco-lazy
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A colour filter, plastic or gel, shaped so as to fit over tungsten. tungsten-halogen, or low energy fluorescent lamps, changing the spectral emission so as to simulate the effect of having installed low energy multi-LED lamps, but without the trouble and expense.

Produces a dim, shadowy light that doesn't render colours properly, makes it difficult to read, and eventually causes blinding headaches.

Be the envy of your friends and neighbors ....

8th of 7, Nov 03 2009


       don't complain too much. It was a near thing that filament lighting won out over florescent.
WcW, Nov 03 2009

       Properly designed LED lights produce bright, full spectral light. Stop buying the cheap ones.
MechE, Nov 03 2009

       I heard that about HID too, how a good HID system wouldn't blind other drivers and would provide bright glare free light. Easy to say.
WcW, Nov 03 2009


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