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Crowd Crush Prevention Application For Cellphones

Monitors crowd density and movement and actively prevents / mitigates dangerous situations.
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Signs at big crowd events would invite people to download this free app via QR code that while running, monitors and warns of dangerous crowd situations so that preventative measures could be taken, such as disbursing, leaving or even providing escape routes depending on the specificity of the application's calibration for that venue.

The app would alert the people to leave sequentially, the closest to the exit first, the ones furthest from the exits would be given a countdown to start moving in the correct direction.

Same way a person manually managing a crowd section by section would do.

It would also be preventative by telling people to hold off moving into a particular area for a minute or two, then telling them when they can go.

It's basically a digital traffic cop keeping track of density, movement, paths and directions to go and when, and instructions for its proper use would come with it. It would be lighting up constantly giving directions and would never give any signals that would cause panic.

The app would only need a certain percentage of the crowd to be using it to work.

doctorremulac3, Oct 31 2022

Very sad. https://www.nytimes...ea-stampede-itaewon
[doctorremulac3, Oct 31 2022]

Perhaps incorporating new technology with what we know about these events might help. https://www.washing...ush-how-to-survive/
[doctorremulac3, Oct 31 2022]

An article on managing crowd density https://www.cnn.com...rous-warning-signs/
Originally from 2021, updated in view of recent events. [a1, Oct 31 2022]

City scale deployments of a smartphone based participatory crowd management platform https://jisajournal...6/s13174-015-0040-6
[a1, Oct 31 2022]

And don't use tear gas https://www.bbc.com...world-asia-63487099
[a1, Nov 02 2022]

June 16, 1883 https://daily.jstor.../death-by-crowding/
the more things change ... [a1, Nov 16 2022]


       Good idea, but doesn't have to be opt-in or rely on a cellphone. Wristbands required for event entry could contain RFID or NFC tags to monitor crowd density.
a1, Oct 31 2022

       I'd support that. Although these might sound paranoid, beyond saving lives it could make people feel safer and result in a more enjoyable event for everybody.
doctorremulac3, Oct 31 2022

       Although - I'd assume to monitor crowd density you'd need receivers (maybe mounted on high poles or buildings around the event venue?). At that point security cameras might work just as well and nobody needs to opt in OR wear a wristband.   

       Whichever turns out to be most cost effective, go with it.
a1, Oct 31 2022

       Aaaand... some work has already been done in the direction you're thinking of. See linked article from 2015, which discusses city wide deployments and includes event-specific features to include:   

       "1) Mobile phone based delivery of event/space specific information to the users, (2) participatory sensor data collection (from app users) and flexible analysis, (3) location and situation specific message multicast instructing people in different areas to act differently in case of an emergency..."
a1, Oct 31 2022

       Good links, thank you a1.   

       I do think this needs to go somewhere.
doctorremulac3, Oct 31 2022

       As time passes people develop ever-greater similarity to cells in a greater machine. Wholesale devotion to the greater good via a back end of seeking safety and happiness for all. China and its "harmonious" society is just ahead of the curve. Corporations become tissues, economic sectors are organs, and the whole of human society is the organism which doesn't really care if a few thousand cells die here or there. We have only to evolve a brain. Hello internet.
Voice, Oct 31 2022

       Is there a crouch down and get between the legs of the person in front of you protocol? Something to cut the number of torsos at the upper layer in half?   

       Seems like this could be easily modeled with a computer, various things people might do.   

       Of course at some point you just can't move, I get that, but seems like some kind of strategy could at least be looked at.
doctorremulac3, Oct 31 2022

       That would take a lot of modeling, especially around odds of compliance and body sizes, shapes, and flexibility but it can be done without strong AI. Like my Nearest Shelter app but a lot more detailed.
Voice, Oct 31 2022

       Wonder if you could have 30 or so actual people on a field trying different moves with somebody calling out directions? Might even be kind of fun. Have the test subjects have a safe word so they don't get crushed.
doctorremulac3, Oct 31 2022

       So, it starts to get crowded. The app notifies everyone that there is a potential problem. Everyone heads for the exits all at once. Panic ensues. Oops...   

       I'm not saying there can't be some app that could be made to help. I'm just predicting that the first attempt will be made by someone who doesn't fully think it through, resulting in unexpected consequences.
scad mientist, Nov 02 2022

       I hear you, but I don't think I was clear enough on the description. See re-write.   

       By the way, easy to monetize, "Thank you for using Crowdsafe (tm) brought to you by The San Francisco 49ers who care about your safety." (link to buy a t-shirt)
doctorremulac3, Nov 02 2022

       // ...the first attempt will be made by someone who doesn't fully think it through, resulting in unexpected consequences. //   

       Pro-tip: Don't use tear gas as a crowd dispersal technique (link).
a1, Nov 02 2022

       //such as disbursing//   

       So, paying people to go away?
pertinax, Nov 03 2022


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