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Cruise To The Bottom

a half sunk cruise ship
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Many cruise ships are now defunct for obvious reasons and will end up looking for alternative uses.

I would love to see them housing in comfort even some of the many thousands of refugees and other displaced people in places of strife or catastrophe, but how likely is that in a greedy world?

I am therefore proposing as an alternative the half sinking of one of them in such a way as to leave 2/3rds of it resting on the sea-bed, with the bow end remainder protruding from the water at an angle.

As this would be a permanent re-positioning, some under water construction would be needed to stabilise the vessel's new half sunken status.

The entire ship now forms an activity centre for all kinds of underwater adventures and activities. With some internal remodelling to level the spaces, the upper decks become the living and sleeping/hotel/bars/entertainment/area.

Below the water level is now a flooded ship into which fish and other sea creatures will invade and set up home, waiting for adventurous exploration by those who elect to stay in the upper decks.

xenzag, Jul 02 2020


       I would go explore and play for sure. Love this xen. +
blissmiss, Jul 02 2020

       "wreck diving" is one type of scuba diving.
sninctown, Jul 02 2020

       A soft grounding in the international waters of the Cortes Bank off Los Angeles would leave a large portion of the ship out of the water and be fairly stable. Refugees, vacationers and the tens of thousands of people who vowed to leave the country if their particular candidate was not elected could live there, possibly forever, subsiding on fish, kelp and crustaceans.
whatrock, Jul 02 2020


       Nice. I am putting out feelers here to see about sinking a thing or two in our lake to attract divers.   

       [2 fries shy of a happy meal]; excellent idea.
But don't put anything "normal" like a car or a boat. Do something ridiculous, like set out a lounge (chairs, couch, lamp, fireplace...) or get some scrap train rails and run a railway line from just off-shore out to something (natural &) interesting. So divers will swim down and be "dafuq?!".
neutrinos_shadow, Jul 02 2020

       Yes something unusual would be the angle I intend to work. Sculptures maybe.
This lake is pretty strange already. It is heated from an underwater hot spring making it the warmest lake in Canada, (as far as I can tell it has never been determined if we have unique critters which can only exist near the thermal vents, who knows? maybe different life forms at different vents), and apparently the lake used to be much lower in the distant past and supposedly there are submerged pictographs you can cave dive to see, (I plan to check this one myself), and NOBODY here sees the potential draw either of those things could create!

       //Sculptures maybe// Seems that there's a surplusage of old statues...
FlyingToaster, Jul 02 2020

       Book me in. [+]
pertinax, Jul 03 2020

       Toaster, I laughed so hard I choked. But you're right, I hear there one of Robert E. Lee going for very cheap right about now.
blissmiss, Jul 03 2020

       [+] Man/nature oceanic gardening.Very nice.
wjt, Jul 04 2020

       Ooh missus etc +1
not_morrison_rm, Jul 07 2020


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