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CtrlAltDel Punch Pad

Express your fustration
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Wall mounted punch pad executes Ctrl Alt Del. Requires a reasonable whallop to activate.
FloridaManatee, Aug 19 2003

Close relative http://www.halfbake...m/idea/Whackentunen
"When my PC locks up, it would be somewhat therapeutic to have the obligatory 'monitor slap' actually reset the computer." [half, Oct 04 2004]

Control - Alt - Delete tool http://217.160.143....lder/crtlaltdel.jpg
Connect wall switch to solenoid, and connect to this lever. [Cedar Park, Oct 04 2004]

Control Alt Delete Keyboard http://217.160.143....lder/mskeyboard.jpg
The last keyboard you'll ever need. [Cedar Park, Oct 04 2004]


       HB search and browse under Keyboard:* and Computer:shutdown yielded no results. Has this been done?
FloridaManatee, Aug 19 2003

       // Has this been done?// In a slightly different fashion. No need for an externally mounted sensor. Build it right in to the computer. (link to one dandy of an idea)
half, Aug 19 2003

       [Cedar Park], is that first gizmo configurable? I prefer to use the other delete key.
half, Aug 20 2003

       [fishface] Only a best guess but ctrlAltDel is left to right on the keyboard. (now we wait for someone to mention that there are two ctrl, two alt and two del keys and to list all the possible combonations.)
sub_text, Aug 20 2003

       [half]: My guess is no. Inline keyboard sequences only, unless they build a bend in the rod.
Cedar Park, Aug 20 2003

       Just bash the computer tower hard enough on the appropriate side, It will reboot. I know from trying to install a mouse without a mouse, it works.
Zimmy, Aug 20 2003

       They also make a Ctrl-Alt-Delete implant that can be sewn into your heart. To activate it, simply plunge a 6-inch or longer knife into your torso and the computer will reboot.
phundug, Aug 20 2003

       It's all well and good until your archnemesis, Bob from down the hall, discovers it and makes your life a living hell by rebooting your machine every time he passes your cubicle.
phoenix, Aug 20 2003

       See, this is why I'm glad I have a Mac...none of this ctrlaltdel business, we have the fancier "Force Quit"
bloojay, May 10 2004

       This is why I'm glad that I use Linux. None of this rebooting business.
w8tvi, May 22 2004

       It's fRustration, not fustration. Forgot the r. Other than that, bun.
DesertFox, May 22 2004


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