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Cube Cutties Cleanup Service

Never live with a dirty cube again
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This would be a maid service for cubicles. I think maybe a couple of times a week, a maid, who has the specs of how your cube is organized comes in and cleans up.

No more old food, no more strewn papers.

This is for the cubicle rats and not for the corner office people.

sin, Feb 02 2001

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       Oh, why don't you do what the rest of us do and rent a Hollywood wind machine and let that clean up your mess? I mean really, human beings picking up and organizing papers? This is the internet -- just post your thoughts online and skip that pulp.
pathetic, Feb 06 2002


       Dust my desk and display, empty my trash and vacuum my carpet. Leave everything else alone.
phoenix, Feb 06 2002

       Pretty much every office has a cleaing service or in-house cleaing staff. How is this different?
snarfyguy, Feb 06 2002

       Because this idea is for CLEANING, rather than cleaing...<grin>   

       Other than that, it's not...
StarChaser, Feb 08 2002

       That's a weird typo to make twice. Oops (insert sheepish emoticon here).
snarfyguy, Feb 08 2002

       Needing a specialist in cube decor. Truth be known, I thought HB had given birth to a mind reader … I've been mulling over a route to go so my attic could be used for easy access storage and I'd decided on hung pipe for midline centered suspended melamine cubes augmented by a laterally placed guiderail for wheeled melamine cubes. Not that I enjoy my visible daily clutter.
reensure, Feb 08 2002


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