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Cursed graveyard

Synergistic disposal of radioactivity and cadavers
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Disposal of radioactive waste is tricky, since it remains dangerous for a long time. A serious issue is how to mark the area as somewhere undesirable to fool around. (see link)

Graveyards have several problems. They are often desecrated and they are intended to last 'forever', taking up space.

This idea solves these two problems by combining them.
The graveyard is an ordinary graveyard except that a nuclear disposal bunker is constructed underneath. As such it has to be somewhere in line with the requirements for disposal of high-level waste. This probably puts it in the middle of nowhere. It may also be relatively large, and replace all other graveyards in the neighbouring regions.

No (or very little) radioactivity should reach the surface, or even the level at which corpses are interred. However, since the people who desecrate graves are stupid, they would probably avoid the place anyway (the rumour effect).

Rather than one large repository, there are multiple smaller stores. After each is full it is sealed off at depth, and graves are installed over the former entrance. At the surface, there is no permanent indication of the radioactivity. However, the tunnel and storage area itself are clearly labelled (as per the WIPP project). The warnings would need to be modified slightly to indicate the distinction between the surface use and the radioactive storage.

Accordingly, nothing of value or information content is permitted to be buried with the bodies (as this may promote digging), however, tombstones are encouraged.

Loris, May 04 2006

Waste Isolation Pilot Plant http://www.vanderbi...o/Anth101/wipp.html
This place is not a place of honor.
No highly esteemed deed is commemorated here.
Nothing valued is here. [Loris, May 04 2006]

Straight Dope http://www.straight...cemeteryrights.html
On Cemetary plots [Galbinus_Caeli, May 05 2006]


       Just what we need. Nuclear Zombies.
Galbinus_Caeli, May 04 2006

       //they would probably avoid the place anyway (the rumour effect)// except for teenagers, who would go in in groups of about four (two boys, two girls, preferably ethnically balanced) in order to find out where that creepy chainsaw-like noise is coming from (cue music)
moomintroll, May 04 2006

       You're entirely mistaken about the function of graveyards. Almost all are intended for reuse as the older burials rot away to nothingness, and the land is constantly recycled.
DrCurry, May 04 2006

       Most graveyards in the US are "perpetual" unlike Europe.
Galbinus_Caeli, May 04 2006

       //You're entirely mistaken about the function of graveyards. Almost all are intended for reuse as the older burials rot away to nothingness, and the land is constantly recycled.//   

       If that is the case why the occasional fuss over headstones being moved? Why the constant stories about grave-yards filling up?   

       I don't doubt that some burials are as you say. I've heard about trees being planted on top of cardboard coffins in grave-forests and so on. However, I think this is still a minority practice by the more ecologically concerned. These don't figure in this plan - this graveyard is specifically for those who wish their grave to be a 'permanent' fixture for whatever reason.
Loris, May 04 2006

       \\Just what we need. Nuclear Zombies\\ Heh.   

       \\Most graveyards in the US are "perpetual" unlike Europe\\ Most graveyards in the US have existed for considerably less time than most graveyards in Europe.
hidden truths, May 05 2006

       Yeah, but the plots are sold, and the laws support, perpetual use.   

       See the recent Straight Dope for a lot of details.
Galbinus_Caeli, May 05 2006

       The way I'm reading that, the situation in America is that the graves are basically being treated as private property, which would mean that the rights to them would be, whilst theoretically perpetual, realistically highly qualified.
hidden truths, May 05 2006

       Really, this idea misses the powerful synergy that could be achieved here. The radioactive waste should be cached directly below the cadavers. Together with all the enbalming, the radiation will prevent decay. I am sure the Russians did something like this to keep Lenin looking so good. Thick lexan windows should allow short term safe viewing.
bungston, May 05 2006

       The hwole point of a graveyard is to decompose! If you want to stay inviolate, you're talking about a mausoleum of some kind.   

       It's like the old joke, "Who's buried in Grant's Tomb? No one, it's a mausoleum."
DrCurry, May 05 2006

       Well you can tell just by looking at her that she's going to be a mummy.
She's positively glowing.


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