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Custard Rims

fill ballooons with custard and make rims from them
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Custom rims have been made of gold, spikes, and spinners. Now I propose custard.

Filling strong but flexible bags with custard can make a wheel rim decoration that forms a snowflake-like novel shape every time the car is driven. When the wheel is moving at speed the newtonian fluid will freeze into that shape. When stopped it will stay in that shape for a bit then collect in the center for the next time.

edit: spelling

Voice, Oct 03 2011

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       I don't think it will //freeze into that shape// if you use a wheel, but if you did it with some custard filled feet around the edge then the impact might make this work //when the heel is moving at speed//.   

       On second reading: are you proposing to stick tyres on in the normal way? If so, and they are truly rims, not making contact with the road, then the above comment does not wholly apply, just the first bit of it.
TomP, Oct 03 2011


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