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Goat Edible Moped Humvee

A Happy Humming Humvee
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Moped Humvee looks like a Humvee, but has a puny moped engine, along with driver and passenger pedals to help it get up steep hills. Its body panels are made out of sheets of pressed, edible, paper maché much like the East German Trabant, making it light enough for four children, one on each corner, to pick it up and carry it around.

To further confound its traditional critics, it comes preconfigured with an inviting range of nesting sites, enabling a variety of insect, bird and animal life to colonise its exterior shell. Once its useful life is over its few metal parts can be removed and the rest left in a field of goats to be leisurely consumed.

xenzag, Oct 02 2005

Trabants through history http://home.clara.n...rfrost/trabant.html
Actually, the outer covers were made out of "Duraplast", a phenolic resin (cf. Bakelite) with embedded cotton fibers. [jutta, Oct 02 2005]


       [xenzag] > Box of frogs.   

wagster, Oct 02 2005

       would people tend to fall out when it rains?   

       suggestion - Car: Design
po, Oct 02 2005

       Just think: no more microwaved Ginster's pasties from service stations, just eat the dashboard.
wagster, Oct 02 2005

       Thanks po - I forgot that bit - Was too busy grooming my soon to be deleted Zebra Rat
xenzag, Oct 02 2005

       Love the idea of a Bloated Jeep (<-official military name) coming over the horizon, its powerful engine emitting a high-pitched nasal whine as the owner fends off a herd of goats with a pointy stick.
moomintroll, Oct 02 2005

       with that little power, it would top out at like 20mph, if that.
sninctown, Oct 03 2005

       //it would top out at like 20mph// As long as goats can only manage 19mph, this should be fine.
coprocephalous, Oct 03 2005


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