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Custom Parking Placards

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Simple idea, really, for when you're trying to park somewhere and the only open spots are reserved. I've encountered this problem more times than I can count, having lived on military installations for most of my life. Everywhere I go (commissary, base exchange, post office, MPF, etc.), there are parking spots reserved for Colonels, Generals, Stand-by Personnel, all marked with nothing more sophisticated than a little brown sign, and always in the very best spots.

So what I propose is this: A brown sign of your own that is marked with your own personal title (in my case, I'm a crew chief) which you stick over the existing sign. In addition, you would have a special sticker or placard which is prominently displayed in your vehicle's window which is designed to look official. Cops don't know the difference, all they know is that your placard matches the sign, you're legally parked, and as long as they don't see you put the sign there, you've got no worries.

21 Quest, Feb 06 2006


       In a similar vein, a 'Reserved' cover for putting over parking meters would be great for us civilians. As long as it looked 'officialese' enough.
(On a more devious note; a fake 'No Stopping' sign to annoy people you don't like...)
neutrinos_shadow, Feb 06 2006

       I find it very hard to believe that army personnel can reserve a parking space anywhere outside the confines of their base. A parking spot reserved for a general at the postoffice? It can not possibly be legal.
zeno, Feb 07 2006

       I'm guessing that the post office is on-base.
st3f, Feb 07 2006

       Yeah, so was I but on base there would not be a cop.
zeno, Feb 07 2006

       Maybe he means MPs.   

       Could be, yes that makes more sense.

       Picturing general with very red face next to fake sign.
zeno, Feb 07 2006

       Actually, there are post offices run by civilians on every base. And, yes, I was referring to MPs. MPs (or actually SPs in the Air Force) are not the brightest of God's creatures, and are lazy, and would easily be fooled by such a sign. Also, even if they did notice the sign was fake, most wouldn't do anything because they don't like filling out paperwork.
21 Quest, Feb 07 2006


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