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Preventing someone recycling your cycle
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I've seen car-covers, and motor-cycle covers, but never a bicycle cover. Made from packaway nylon, and using a combination of velcro, zip, and elastic, it would [I speculate] be quick to fit and would deter both the opportunist and professional thieves. At least it would keep the bird-droppings off your $3000 superbike.
rayfo, Oct 30 2000


       I think I've seen bicycle covers attached to bicycle parking spaces. Shaped like a big plasticised snake that's swallowed a bicycle and has been cut in halves. Not something you drag around, but something that's part of the parkin space installation. The cover can be locked in place more easily and sturdily than the bicycle, and protects them from elements of all kinds.
jutta, Oct 30 2000

       One more thing for 'superthieves' to break into. They will, you know. Yesterday I broke up a burglery of the local bloodmobile.
reensure, Oct 30 2000


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