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Cymatic fishing

Poisson distribution
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This was prompted by [2-fries] scheme for cymatic aggregation of plastic waste in the sea.

Cymatics (as 2-fries and I, at least, know) involves transforming sound into physical patterns. A common method is the formation of Chladni patterns: sand sprinkled on a drumskin or other resonant surface will collect itself into ridges and nodes which correspond to the stationary points on the vibrating surface.

Now, there is no reason why this would not apply to fish in an ocean in three dimensions as easily as it applies to sand on a drumskin in two dimensions (actually, there is a very good reason, but I am going to ignore it completely. I can produce my artistic licence upon request.)

So, simply take any convenient fishing fleet, some really rather quite large underwater speakers, and any of the currently available supercomputers. A little tinkering and tweaking and - calypso mori! - 3-D Chladni patterns of fish! A single large trawler can then simply travel along the cymatic lines, scooping up the dense collection of the sea's bounty.

Plankton too could be concentrated into economically harvestable patterns by this approach, as could dolphins, whales or other tasty morsels.

MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 03 2011

Grossly inspired by: Gyrebage_20collection
which would work as well as this would. [MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 03 2011]

Snapping Shrimp http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alpheidae
[Jinbish, Jan 03 2011]

Artistic license http://www.google.c...=y&biw=1016&bih=592
Restrictions: Must have sketchbook [normzone, Jan 03 2011]


       Sounds a little fishy to us ....   

       <cymbal sting> .
. @....... @ ........ @ ....... <tumbleweeds roll past> ....... @ ....... @ ....... <sound of wind > .......@ .......@ .......

       // Poisson distribution //   

       That's just certain to give people the hump. And basically, it's just mean.
8th of 7, Jan 03 2011

       Turn the amp up to 11 and stun the fish (like the snapping shrimp).   

       Actually, notwith standing waves, this idea is a bit skewed. As I'm sure you know, [MB], we'd need a enclosed volume of water or some very coordinated array of speakers (hence super computer?) that would simultaneously need to constantly sync, never sink, all while expertly using sinc.
Jinbish, Jan 03 2011

       // some really rather quite large underwater speakers//   

       Not to mention somewhat fairly immense gigantic unobtainiumalistic thermonuclear-powered power amplifiers.   

       //I can produce my artistic licence upon request// Yes, please post a picture!
csea, Jan 03 2011

       We hake to have to tell you this, but [Jinbish] is right - where you plaice the speakers will be critical. We would prefer not to rays the issue, but it's not an aspect of the problem you can just skate over.   

       If, rather than a net, you made a grid out of long pieces of wood recycled from ships, you could deal with the "scoop" problem by means of a Spars Array technique.
8th of 7, Jan 03 2011

       This might work too well, especially since fish are generally self-propelled and might be induced into patterns without requiring the sound to be THAT loud.
cowtamer, Jan 03 2011

       Gotta pay the piper to call the tuna.   

       Presumably the speakers need to have a lot of bass?
pocmloc, Jan 03 2011

       Every time...every bloody time...
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 03 2011

       Whelk, what did you expect ? It's always the same, you come over all remorasfull and start whaling, then you go crabby. Here's a squid for a cup of tea, now go and bother some other grouper of people.
8th of 7, Jan 03 2011

       Is there a fish called an oforfuxake?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 03 2011

       If there is, no doubt the Japanese will eat it with relish, or possibly soy sauce.
8th of 7, Jan 03 2011

       I'm pretty sure you'll find they use chopticks.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 03 2011

       // chopticks //   

       OK, so that's a time measuremet based on grilled lamb ribs, yes ?
8th of 7, Jan 03 2011

       I was translating.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 03 2011

       TOO ... MUCH ... INFORMATION...   

       Does your Mother know you do that ?
8th of 7, Jan 03 2011

       Come on, people. I know we get some fishy ideas around here, but this is on a whole new laver.
gisho, Jan 03 2011

       I am not going to get sucked in to descending to this level again. I'm too much of a manta even consider it.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 03 2011

       For Cod's sake, your sole reason for posting this idea was to elicit fish puns. Do we have to shout ? Are you hard of herring ? Must you carp on about this ? Get down off your perch, don't just flounder around. Mullet over band come back when you're happy. Don't be koi. Not all your ideas are pollocks.
8th of 7, Jan 03 2011

       Oh look! A fish finger:   

MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 04 2011

       This is crab! - It'll never work! Give it up and go back to surfing prawn!
hippo, Jan 04 2011

       Christopher Moore, in " Fluke ", or " I know why the winged whale sings " postulates a similar premise.
normzone, May 11 2016


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