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Cystic Fibrosis Drum Pad

Makes Cystic Fibrosis massages more fun for everyone involved.
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Cystic Fibrosis patients require daily chest physiotherapy (pounding) to break up the mucous that accumulates as a result of the disease. What they need is an electronic vest with painted bongos. This way, you can play the bongos while conducting the physiotherapy. You could output the pad directly to an amp, or you could develop a companion videogame, similar to the nintendo power pad games or Dance Dance Revolution.
tourist, Nov 16 2005


       Why limit this to cystic vibrosis sufferers?
DrCurry, Nov 16 2005

       Easier to market.
shapu, Nov 16 2005

       Murdoch, I think we can book your musical act on the next Jerry Lewis telethon, but we're gonna need to fill out the sound a little with say, an iron lung kazoo choir. It's the only way to get a good backing sound for the abortion vacuum solo.
tourist, Nov 16 2005

       If you amplify the pectoriloquy and associated percussion, the result would sound like a turntable orchestra or a chorus of choking victims.
reensure, Nov 16 2005

       I'm a firm believe in the words: "the goal is not the cure them, but to treat them and earn Money.". Well, I believe that is mostly true for phamasuetical companies. If I could make my own country, it would never fall. I've thought alot about politics and the law system, and come to my own improversations and conclusions.   

       Whether or not this has relevance to the idea...
EvilPickels, Nov 16 2005

       Hard to say; I don't really understand it.
angel, Nov 16 2005

       [Murdoch] - what genius! I laughed out loud! And punctuated with an invitation to rub a hump for luck! I give this idea a bun because of your inspired anno. The honking crutches alone are worth a seperate posting. Do you think they could actually end in little rubber ducks?   

       You need to get out from under that bushel basket. Let your light shine! Don't worry about good taste. All flavors welcome, including "tosser".
bungston, Nov 16 2005

       I was going to bun this until I saw the words 'abortion vacuum solo'. Ew.
moomintroll, Nov 16 2005

       I love this! Having played the tom-tom, so to speak, I think it could be made mutually more humane.
blissmiss, Nov 17 2005

       Great, now all percussionists have another string to add to their bow: physiotherapy. Apart from the fact that you are in effectively having a joke at the expense of terminally ill people. Are you a doctor?
Paradiddlellogram, Nov 17 2005

       I don't see this as a "joke". I find it to be a rather crafty way of assisting with the daily drumming. I think both the poor one with the disease, and the caretaker, would find this an innovative and fun way to perform a very painful and sad procedure.
blissmiss, Nov 17 2005

       I agree with you, [bliss]. Like Mary Poppins said, in every job that must be done...
moomintroll, Nov 17 2005

       This wouldn't be much fun the one receiving the treatment, it might even make them feel worse in some cases because the person applying the treatment is having fun, while the one receiving the treatment is still uncomfortable or in pain.   

       I know this because I have Cystic Fibrosis, although I haven’t had this therapy on a regular basis for a couple of years.
BJS, Jun 19 2006

       Oh, sick people are such a downer. This idea takes Patch Adams' (unfunny) "heal with laughter" to new (potentially funny) heights! [+]
Acme, Jun 19 2006

       It is sort of a zen concept: to really play the drum, first one must become the drum. Perhaps physiotherapy recipients who had been drummed on might themselves have good ideas about how to drum - both for maximum therapeutic effect as well as artistic effect. There is no reason someone who benefits from chest drumming might not be a fine drummer him or herself. This raises the possibility of a drum club: imagine 5 drummers: 4 of them become a set for the fifth who plays a number, then swaps out and becomes a drum for the next. The "drums" might participate in their own resonant characteristics - by changing position, opening the mouth etc.   

       More and more I can see this as avant garde performance art.
bungston, Jun 19 2006

       moomintroll was right- there seemed to be some good spirit and good will in this until your second post. keep tryin'....
DeanRadcliffe, Sep 21 2006

       I pity the poor patients who had the misguieded impression that they might actually find something helpful here only to find twisted attempts at humor at their expense.
wowmom, Oct 13 2006


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