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Branded Air

The next logical step after branded drinking water
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Breathe - Like you've never breathed before!

This would be the ordinary atmospheric air, inside compressed air tanks as used for diving, but bottled at some exotic location and sold under a catchy brand name.

Mountaire - Not just air!

One good location would be some snow-covered slope halfway up the Everest peak. Cables would need to be laid in for electricity to be brought in from far away, preferably from a dedicated hydro-electric power station. A generator nearby would't do; it will pollute the product with exhaust gases.

Pure, to be sure - Mountaire!

Part of the appeal would be that transportation is so difficult that the product would be affordable only by the select few. You will readily identify those patrons - they are the ones wearing gas masks, going around in a large SUV stocked with large cylinders painted day-glo orange.

Fortified with noble gases - You will relish its smell!!

It would be necessary for the ingredients to be listed on the package. Since the composition of the air is the same practically everywhere, advertising practice would necessiate a big noise about the trace components and their effect on the air "quality".

For every breath you take - Mountaire!!!

So, there is a gold mine out there, a business opportunity in the making, and if any one of you do make your billions selling air you would remember me, wouldn't you? Thanks.

neelandan, Jun 30 2003


       Might actually sell in some parts of New Delhi, Mexico City, or urban China.
RayfordSteele, Jun 30 2003

       Seems sorta baked (see link).   

       I could go for a couple of lungfulls of Lake Geneva.
snarfyguy, Jun 30 2003

       And bubbly drinking water with CO2 from Mountaire!
FarmerJohn, Jun 30 2003

       Wow, I get to be the first to respond to this retarded idea? Lets see...   

       It was baked in "Spaceballs" with "Perri-air", which was fresh air in a soda can.   

       Doubly baked by the rising (declining?) popularity of Oxygen bars, where you can buy pure oxygen to get that "extra buzzy" feeling.   

       And baked thrice over by those obnoxious new stands in the mall that actually SELL the priviledge, in 5 minute increments, of breathing pure oxygen, in the scent of your choice.
Overpanic, Jun 30 2003

       Uh, I mean, cool! I get to be the fourth!
Overpanic, Jun 30 2003

       Does pure O2 get you high, or what?
snarfyguy, Jun 30 2003

       What elevation is //halfway up the Everest peak//?
Shz, Jun 30 2003

       Around 15,000 ft. / 4,400 meters.
snarfyguy, Jun 30 2003

       That’s halfway up the mountain, not halfway up the peak.
Shz, Jun 30 2003

       Nope: "peak" can be used as a synonym for "mountain" as well. So snarfy is correct in his usage.
DrCurry, Jun 30 2003

       Very well - I use the word the way climbers use it. ‘Peak’ begins at tree line or snow line. What I really wanted to know is the altitude at which we’re pressurizing scuba tanks.
Shz, Jun 30 2003

       Disgusting. Not funny. Privatization of the world is the closest thing to "evil" that exists. This is not far from where we are heading.
thecat, Jul 08 2003


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