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DJ light

A DJ light system for the ultimate party
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An idea that I got recently after visiting Mars 2112. I bought a ball [link] from Mars 2112 when I was on my band trip and thought of a DJ light system. The picture explains the ball, but I thought of a light system, permantely mounted, from theis.

The lights would be used for major parties, it would mount to the ceiling by a large pole that would house the wires needed for powering it. On each panel there would be 8 lines of lights that would shine according to how the DJ wants them to, blinking, constant, strobe, etc. But only one side would show at a time, the other side, (the inside set) would be off. But, it can change from one set to the other.

On the orange side of the ball there are 8 lines in the picture, each of the eight lines in the picture would be filled with a different color of LED, or even a laser light, but each side would be a different series of light, ie one side warm colors, the other cool colors. The whole machine would rotate.

krigre55, Nov 30 2007

Ball Picture http://amor.rz.hu-b.../~h0444vtp/ball.JPG
The picture of the inspiration [krigre55, Nov 30 2007]




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