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DVD fast-forward-menu lock

Option to zoom through annoying DVD menus
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Many DVD' menus feature annoyingly-time-consuming animations. Although some DVD players allow accellerated playback of menus (most only allow it for non-menu content), I've yet to see one that allows accellerated menu playback of menus to be turned on without having to be re-activated after every menu selection. My proposal would be to provide a control that makes menus run at 2x speed until disengaged.
supercat, Feb 05 2004


       You're probably right, but it is rather annoying to be forced to let my own technology warn me EVERY SINGLE TIME I watch a movie that the FBI could come get me.....Either they should kick the door in, and get on with it, or they should quit this posturing using my tax dollars.
normzone, Feb 05 2004

       I'm with you on this one Supercat - one particular DVD release (Jeepers Creepers 2) actually makes you watch MOVIE PREVIEWS in addition to the copyright warnings - what a cheek! A bucketload of fishbones to those guys (JC2 DVD authors).
Adze, Apr 28 2005


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