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DVR Playing Queue

Pick the next 4 shows I want to play
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I record specific shows for my 3 year old to watch while she is playing. My present favorite is "Classical Baby", but they are only 30 minutes long. I'd like to que up multiples.
MisterQED, Apr 25 2010


       I think you mean "queue" not "cue".
phoenix, Apr 25 2010

       Perhaps not. He has a 3 year old. A cue is a long, pointy stick.   

       A long sharp pointy stick for poking small chldren, incorporating a digital video recorder, sounds entirely plausible.
8th of 7, Apr 25 2010

       I figured this was so easy, that it must be baked somewhere but I hadn't found it.
MisterQED, Apr 25 2010


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