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Da Super Screen

Perfect for first-person adventure games!
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Don't you just hate it when you're playing a first-person game, and all of a sudden, some big, fat, super-mean enemy comes and kills you? Well, with Da Super Screen that wont happen. You see, it goes all around you, so you can see from all sides, (with specialy disigned games, of course) and on the top of each "section", (exept for the front) of the screen , (don't worry, ther aren't black frames lining each "section") there's a small screen like a Picture-In-Picture showing what is in front of your character, kinda like a rear-view mirror, only, different. So you can look for enemies while still killing one, because, obviously, the chair, mouse & keyboard (and possibly a joystick) are in the middle. And it has fold-out extendable legs for each "section" so that some of it can be on your desk, and some on your floor. And since it's the super-thin type of monitor, each "section" has tiny "hinges" that allow you to fold it up into one normal-looking monitor. And the speakers are built-in on the bottom of each "section" for surround sound, and when you fold it up, it has sensors on the "hinges" to turn off the surround sound and use only the main speaker on the bottom of the main screen. Also, it could be used as an add-on to your original monitor. Just hook it up to special ports, (on newer monitors, of course) and play your game. And you can fold up & disconnect Da Super Screen from your computer so it wont screw up your side speakers,(if any) and so it wont be bulky and ake up space. So you can just store it in your closet or something. Now you can never worry about being killed suddenly without knowing it ever agian! Happy Killing!
KoolKat2500, Jan 19 2004


       Might as well wear goggles and call it VR.   

       Many FPSes will allow you to change the FOV in order to scrunch more visual information on the display. Get a bunch of monitors and one of these games and you're almost done.
phoenix, Jan 19 2004

       I know I run a 121 FOV in Quake3 ... default is 90 or something.
Letsbuildafort, Jan 19 2004

       Sorry, I'm lazy with the links today. Google for "cave quake".
Freefall, Jan 19 2004


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