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Daily Puppet Show: LIVE

Instead of TV, have a real 3D show, or actually a real show, in your home.
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It is like going back to renaissance era, but with latest technology. So, the 3D TV we wanted never came. What the market offered us was first silly glasses with red and blue lenses looked like made from a recycled tetra pak, and now a dressed up version that essentially works on the same archaic principles. Where are the holograms we saw in Arnold movies, in Star Wars, in Star Trek?

Only in Disneyland my friends. And that is after waiting 4 hours in line. We will not have cool holograms in our homes any time soon. So, as a reaction, I suggest giving up the future and going to the past, several centuries back. Lets bring the puppets back.

This TV/puppet setup has a TV in the background, but also has two puppets in the foreground. The puppets are like hosts. Say when there is a football game, you will see these puppets talking with each other in front of the TV. And then there will be news shows, and of course comical news shows. The movements of the puppets will be streamed through the TV just like any other broadcast, but instead of being in the TV, these puppets will be right in front of you. Kids will love it. Maybe there could be shows where the audience can take part in some way. Well, it is up for improvement.

This will make Chucky even scarier.

xkuntay, Jan 15 2014

Punch and Judy http://en.m.wikiped...wiki/Punch_and_Judy
Traditional puppet show that uses plenty of sausages. [Ling, Jan 16 2014]

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       Let's take it all the way - eliminate the television and run the whole thing through PPL (Puppet Programming Language).   

       It could get a little complex - you'd need a deluxe edition to watch sporting events.
normzone, Jan 15 2014

       // deluxe edition to watch sporting events //   

       Robo-subbuteo ?
8th of 7, Jan 15 2014

       Ah, the searches you send me on...
normzone, Jan 15 2014

       Wouldn't this bring out the urge to start shouting "He's behind you!" in every horror show, and snacking on sausages?
Ling, Jan 15 2014

not_morrison_rm, Jan 16 2014

       Punch and Judy! That's the way to do it...
Ling, Jan 16 2014

       I like this but it doesn't go far enough. Lose the television, and use a variable number of puppets to re-enact the show being watched.
tatterdemalion, Jan 16 2014

       It could be good for most sit-coms, though I think without the TV background it would be too boring. Maybe an e-paper background?
xkuntay, Jan 17 2014

       I'm thinking of something like a rapidly refreshing 3D printer with an equally-rapidly degrading print medium.
Alterother, Jan 17 2014

       I think [MB] posted an idea about a printer producing animated images?
pocmloc, Jan 17 2014

       Is this the Gizmonic Institute? Am I aboard the satellite of love?
RayfordSteele, Jan 17 2014

Alterother, Jan 17 2014

       At first I was thinking; yes, yes this sounds like a stunt that Jon Stewart might pull on the Daily show.   

       Sesame street
xkuntay, Jan 20 2014


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