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Clothing Heater

heat your clothes in the winter to ease the transition from bed to dressed
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So maybe this is a bit of an extravagance for someone who can't afford to just turn the damn heat up; I'll admit that. That said, I have a space heater that I throw pants over the night before and switch on a bit before I get out of bed, and it's an incredibly satisfying feeling. Well recommended, but make sure you're using a heater that won't set anything on fire. Propane heaters for instance (backed up too close on one of them once...it felt great. That was the warmest I ever got that day) are to be avoided.

So the idea is a heating system that fully heats one's cold clothes. A rack designed to hold ones clothes and fully heat them. Switches on 5-10 minutes before you get out of bed with a timed system, or do it yourself with a switch if you're a snooze abuser.

Eugene, Jan 02 2010

Like this...? Radiator_20Man
redundant I believe - sorry [Eugene] - it happens [xenzag, Jan 02 2010]

Lazy Suzan Shelves Heated_20Lazy_20Suzan_20shelves
6 years ago, in a galaxy far away [theircompetitor, Jan 02 2010]


       There is a cheaper alternative to this, which is to put your clothes under the sheets. I've not tried this. Some say it helps iron them, but i'd think it'd make them smelly and seriously creased.   

       Incidentally, [+].
nineteenthly, Jan 02 2010

       ...or your duvet/quilt should have a large pocket for storing clothes. Then, the heat you radiate during the night would be absorbed by your clothes while you sleep.
hippo, Jan 02 2010

       What about creasing though?   

       I think i might try this tonight.
nineteenthly, Jan 02 2010

       bun. But that may because I am sooo cold right now! brrrrr!
piratemeggy, Jan 02 2010


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