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Daiquiri Cryonics

Very drunk, very sweet, but cold cold cold!
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As has been mentioned here (link) a problem with freezing humans is that ice crystals disrupt tissues. One solution to this (no pun intended) would be the use of alcohol and a mix of sugars. Humans can withstand blood sugar levels 10 times normal, and can also withstand very high blood alcohol levels. It has been noted that very drunk people can withstand immersion in cold water, sometimes for nearly and hour, and then be thawed back to life. Both sugar and alcohol act as solutes and decrease freezing temperature. By inducing near-diabetic coma and making the subject very very drunk before cooling, temperatures low enough to halt metabolism (and oxygen consumption) should be achievable without formation of dangerous ice crystals.
bungston, Dec 03 2003

High pressure cryonics http://www.halfbake...spended_20Animation
Decent idea, but I am skeptical about these unearthly pressures. [bungston, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Magnetic cryonics http://www.halfbake...20By_20Ferroliquid!
Even more skeptical about this one. [bungston, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       very drunk people? I thought they have revived children this way as well.. just asking..
po, Dec 03 2003

       "I'm not drunk, I'm on ice."
DrCurry, Dec 03 2003

       "Hi, I'm here to have my grandfather thawed out ... Yeah, he's the one in the third row back there ... no not him, the other one... The one with no pants and a lampshade on his head"
luecke, Dec 03 2003

       I could see some folks taking advantage of this ... like me
Letsbuildafort, Dec 03 2003

       Don't know why this one hasn't had a more positive reception. I may try this.   

       Note to the future: Please dig me up from the magnetic north pole (as of 12/3/03). If you can't find me, look for the my disco ball hat buried in the ice. Oh, and hi [pluterday].
Worldgineer, Dec 03 2003

       I need glasses. Good idea but not as exciting s what I at first thought it said, Daiquari Colonics
lizziepunkin, Dec 03 2003

       That would at least be healthier than a margarita colonic (because of the salted rim).
bungston, Dec 03 2003

       1. I volunteer to eat sugar treats and drink alcohol for this experiment. Where do I sign?   

       2. Vodka seems to freeze in liqid nitrogen at about -70 deg C. I made vodka dip this way once. Add some red cordial and you can freeze it at about -30   

       3. I don't relish the cryogenic hangover.   

       4. + bun for you!
not_only_but_also, Dec 04 2003

       Following the same reasoning, why is the drink-of-choice for tramps usually extra-strong lager or whisky? Surely they ought to drink sweet, sweet alcopops to survive the cold winter nights on the streets.
dobtabulous, Dec 04 2003

       I like this, but one should remember not to blend such a frozen daquiri, otherwise the corpsicle might be drunk in an unintended manner. And then this idea would have to be moved to the fishbone-attracting 'meat drinks' category.
Loris, Dec 04 2003

       Worldgineer had a few drinks...well, more than a few, his blood loaded with alcohol and fruit sugar. His head was spinning, and when he looked at his compass, that was spinning too. Being an engineer, he knew he must be at the Magnetic North Pole, where it’s plenty cold. “Lucky I’m cryo-prepped,” he said—probably the very last thing he said, because that’s where I found him, hundreds of years later, frozen solid in a block of ice like Captain America. His veins were full of ice, beautiful feathers of frost, quite deadly. Turned out that Halfbakery idea needed some work...
pluterday, Dec 05 2003

       I wonder if there will be the myth of people having steaks of [Worldgineer] in the future, muck like myth of us having wooly mammoth steaks in the present ... MMMmm-pre-marinated
Letsbuildafort, Dec 05 2003

       So you're from the future, pluterday? Please feel free to post your "new" timetravel machine invention.
luecke, Dec 05 2003

       She did. You missed it. It was named "The Charlene."
k_sra, Dec 05 2003

       I knew that was [Treon] about halfway through the anno.   

       This must have lost it's votes in the crash.
normzone, Aug 22 2007

       Me too; at //immanentized the eschaton//, to be precise.
pertinax, Aug 23 2007

       Im's cold. And reaaaaally drunk. (goes back to sleep, with faint taste of cotton candy in mouth)
Worldgineer, Aug 23 2007

       Unfortunately, this would only protect the blood, since the sugar and alcohol would primarily reside there. I don't think the example of drunk people in cold water has anything to do with the alcohol, since similar cases have been reported for non-drunk people. Interesting idea though.
5th Earth, Aug 23 2007

       <back from dead>   

       "De doctaa... towd me vat my blood was froze jus gweat... wiv all de dakirii an stuff. Dem baaaad icy crystals only got inta my bwaaain...."
wagster, Aug 23 2007

       /since the sugar and alcohol would primarily reside there./   

       Alcohol diffuses freely through the body. Glucose is nonpolar and water soluble, so will also equilibrate more or less into any aqueous space.   

       Maybe I can try this with fruit flies. They should tolerate sugar and alcohol fairly well.
bungston, Aug 24 2007

       //Maybe I can try this with fruit flies.// A fruit-fly daiquiri? Yuck.
zen_tom, Aug 24 2007

       So we need to add shampoo to these pre freezing cocktails. Check.
Galbinus_Caeli, Aug 24 2007

       I've never seen a really drunk sweet either, but I like to think that I'm a really sweet drunk.
normzone, Aug 24 2007


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