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CPU Brain

Live forever with the Power Of Pentium
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This may seem like a far fetched idea...but I'm young. Many people have many different opinions on man's purpose of existence. Some believe that we are here to procreate and pass on our lineage to the next generation; while others believe we are present for a higher calling. What ever have you, the majority of these people believe in a "soul." This "soul" having the power trancend time and space given the right conditions. Now, science hasn't proven any of this in actuality, but the void in science that has become the "soul" facsinates the world and prolongs discussions of life after death; but what if we didn't have to die? This proposition dictates that a person's personality, memories, etc. would be transfered to a computer of some sort... in theory giving them immortality givent he proper care and matainence. This of course would be a horendous up-taking (just like my grammer) requiring vast processing power and storage able to match or better that of the human mind. What is a soul then {in computer terms?) an operating system? And if it is anything like windows, I'll just keep my body and die!
Juleus, Dec 28 2002


       Well the Madulaoblingoda ( forgive my spelling) controls emptions, so having a computer counter part would solve that problem
Juleus, Dec 28 2002

       hope it comes with a spell checker.
po, Dec 28 2002

       This is an interesting idea. Not a particularly new one, though, but one that has always been hotly debated.   

       There are those believers in 'Strong AI' who believe that there is nothing that defines a personality that cannot be duplicated by a computer.   

       Then there are those who either believe that there is something external to the physical body which would be lost in that duplication or that there is some complexity in the structure of the brain that would prevent its duplication by a computer.   

       If you want to look into the debate that has been going on for the last 70 years on this subject, I can recommend reading "Alan Turing - The Enigma" by Andrew Hodges and "The Emperor's New Mind" by <Can't rememember right now>. There are, no doubt other books (both non-fiction and fiction) that people here can recommend. Be prepared to delve into genetics, and quantum mechanics.
st3f, Dec 28 2002

       Thank you st3f, the reading list is appreciated.
Juleus, Dec 28 2002

       [admin: Changed case in title: BRAIN -> Brain]   

       ...and, Juleus, please slow down. You're, erm, how can I put this, posting a lot of shit at the moment.
st3f, Dec 28 2002

       see "Asshole Horn" for further enlightenment
Juleus, Dec 28 2002

       The Emperor's New Mind is by Roger Penrose.
Qinopio, Dec 28 2002

       (ST3F) Don't forget Qunatum Theology. Haven't heard of it? Read the book of the same title and the follow book. Very Enlightening.   

       Now you know why they call me...
Mad Doc, Apr 06 2004


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