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Daisy Chain Headphones

Input and output, IN ONE!
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Around where most headphones these days have those useless volume controls, also insert a jack into which another pair of headphones may be clipped into. Multiple people may then listen to a single walkman or whatever, without having to listen to one ear insert apiece.
Turbolich, Nov 10 2001


       What's the frequency, Kenneth?
thumbwax, Nov 10 2001

       When I travel I usually carry a headphone splitter (1x3.5mm male to 2x3.5mm female stereo adaptor) so that I can easily share what I'm listening to with others on the trip (and vice versa). Incorporating this into the headphones themselves sounds great.   

       This would also create a need for having that volume control on the cable - different headphones will have differing impedances and will be at different volume levels. Croissant for convenience.
st3f, Nov 10 2001

       «although they can be a bit of stress on the socket» I have a splitter adapter in which the metal bit has actually started to bend a bit, making it harder to plug in (and better at wriggling out of its own accord).
cp, Nov 10 2001

       I was just wondering the other day if there wasn't an easier way to share the music on your personal stereo ("Hey, listen to this. You've got to hear this song."). Headphone splitters was my first thought, but it did occur to me (vaguely) that that volume control clip-on stick thing could be made more use of. Croissant for beating me to it.
Guy Fox, Nov 10 2001


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