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mp3 music share

Share your mp3 music with others using Fm/infrared headphones
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Hiking in the mountains, dancing on the beach- two or more people could share music from a portable Mp3 player (like the i-Pod) by connecting the player to an FM or infrared transmitter, and companions could wear headphones designed to pick up the signal. The transmitter could be incorporated in the "base" headphones, and receivers contained in "satellite heaphones. This system could also be used in a Disco/Dance venue to transmit the "noisy" spectrum of the music, while the bass could be loud in the room without interfering with conversations. You could choose to listen to the music or not by putting on the headphones, for instance, to head out onto the dancefloor. Advantages: superior fidelity; adjustable volume; low "noise" level for people wanting to talk. Disadvantages: possibly cumbersome, high equipment cost...
wardie, Sep 16 2002

Toshiba bluetooth pocket server http://www.nikkeibp...07/cmpu_194838.html
With potential MP3 playback (subject to overcoming copyright difficulties). [pottedstu, Sep 16 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Bluetooth museum guide http://userpages.um...SoundScout%20II.pdf
System to transmit commentary via bluetooth wireless link to multiple sets of headphones, for a museum commentary. Also includes GPS! (PDF file) [pottedstu, Sep 16 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]

All sorts of wireless (900MHz) audio equipment... http://www.brooksto...ch_type=subcategory
...including headphones. Not sure if they're suitable for camping. [phoenix]

Sony wireless stereo headphones http://www.mjsales.net/page7.html
Uses IR. Includes transmitter. [phoenix, Sep 16 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Sony wireless stereo headphones http://www.mjsales.net/page7.html
Uses IR. Includes transmitter. [phoenix, Sep 16 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

A few more http://www.homeaudi...less-headphones.asp
[phoenix, Sep 16 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       This is quite appealing as someone could ask another person for a sample of the music they are listening to if they look like they are enjoying it a lot. However people could use this method to slip unsuspecting victims terrible music, adverts and Spice Girl songs.   

       The burden of such a proposal would be to get the idea to be popular enough for the interchange to be a success. It would probably only be appealing if most people you encountered listening to MP3 had a compatable device with this sharing technique.
Aristotle, Sep 16 2002

       Someone, possibly Moby, has done shows or DJ sets where every attendee was issued headphones to listen to the performance on. So that part of it is baked (anyone have any more info.)   

       Other than that, can I just say <whispers>bluetooth cordless headphones</whispers>.   

       No one seems to have brought a system with music player and wireless headphones to market although it's not far off. It seems copyright considerations with broadcasting music may be a difficulty.
pottedstu, Sep 16 2002

       More careful architectural design could be used to create quieter and louder areas of a nightclub, such that people can move from one to the other according to whether they wish to talk or dance.
orangejon, Jul 24 2004


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