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Dalek Security Guard

Your own Superior Being Security Guard - with "Enhanced Functionality"
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The propoal is that of a Dalek - like creation, not necessarily "exactly" Dalek, rather one with a few mods. to reflect improvements in technology (and of which I trust Davros himself might be suitably impressed).

Thye problem with traditional security guards is that like all Humans they are fallable - whereas the Daleks have managed to conquer the Universe armed with a fancy pea-shooter and the killer sink plunger: Obviously a far superior choice for "definitive enforcement".

Mods include CCD eye with IR illumination (available from almost everywhere!), variable height suspension (for rough terrain), gyro stabilisation (for ditto.), and replacing the sink plunger with a 3w white light LED Lamp - or maybe HID unit, for longer range observation.

For non-lethal enforcement, the death ray could be replaced with a Taser or paint-ball projector ("fun enforcement" component); or for enhanced lethality, maybe a multi-barrel device based on a scaled-down Vulcan Phalanx or Thales Goalkeeper system?

For on-road use the "ear" lights would make good indicators / Hazard Flashers, and we could graft rear lights onto the main body quite easily.

Voice - plenty of designs for ring modulators on the 'Net, and there would be no need for voice autonomy, since the system I envisage would have bi-directional communication with a centralised "Command Centre".

Seems like the ideal "roving, interactive security system", and the colour schemes proposed would be Met. Police blue with silver hemispheres (traditional "Country Bobby"), White with red/blue Reflexite hemispheres (Motorway Patrol - the "high performance" model), or camouflage (CID).

Further suggestions for enhancements are of course welcome! Prototype to be constructed shortly . . . . .

Parrotile, Dec 21 2009


       // Met. Police blue //   

       Presumably then they would be programmed to studiously ignore crimes committed against non-white members of the population ....
8th of 7, Dec 21 2009

       they'll probably tell you that you can't photograph the duck for security reasons...
po, Dec 21 2009

       A bit worried about the implied "EXTERMINATE ALL HUMANS" Dalek ethic here!   

       If "all power corrupts, and Absolute Power corrupts absolutely", we could be in for a spot of trouble . . . .
Parrotile, Dec 21 2009

       One wonders how much reprogramming a flocking road cone would need to integrate the taser...
RayfordSteele, Dec 21 2009

       Replace the Taser / Minigun with a fluorescein "Super Soaker" - definitely non-lethal, but handy to "mark" any Ne'er do Well trespassing on private property.   

       Could also have a spin-off as a Dalek Party Foam Generator - Ibiza here we come . . . .
Parrotile, Dec 22 2009

       For some reason my mind thought of the 'tar baby' story of Brer Rabbit. Probably because of that darn tar missile. I then promptly imagined an intruder being cased by a robot carrying a rather large tar pit.   

       A 'Prisoner' bubble or a robotic Mr Blobby with a catch and hold mentality would be better. Anything but Daleks. We don't want to help them evolve, now do we.
wjt, Dec 22 2009

       Strictly speaking this is a WIBNI as in "Wouldn't It Be Nice If" Darleks Were Real but as least some thought has gone into how this could be done.   

       However ... wait for it ... what about stairs?
Aristotle, Dec 22 2009

       Given the kind of modifications I would like made to my device, it would probably run around saying things like : "Ex-Terminator. Are you Sarah Connor?". And there is the problem of my new boots, clothes, and motorcycle.
4whom, Dec 22 2009

       Aristotle - I'n not suggesting Daleks are "real" (however I note that there are numerous versions constructed by enthusiasts in the UK and elsewhere . . .). In this respect, the basic structural form IS real, and although the models have been generally built for amusement / personal gratification, nevertheless the basic (and it appears NOT so "basic") issues of command and control have been addressed successfully elsewhere. My proposal is to simply use the existing type of "model Dalek" as a means of carrying a surveillance system, and possibly an "enforcement" system. At this stage the design brief does not require significant autonomy, however others have produced a similar design with some degrees of autonomy, so in practice (i.e. right now) the draft concept is feasible and practicable.   

       My perception is that the fictional "SF Baddie" view of the Daleks would at least subconsciously provide an enhanced level of "Enforcement Potential" - after all it would be just as easy to build an autonomous "Mr Blobby", but far less threatening, and, where enforcement is concerned, implied threat is all part of the psychological package (that's one reson behing the UK Bobby's Hat - makes them seem taller, so more imposing).   

       - and, no, I'm NOT planning to further develop the plan along the ED 209 avenue!!
Parrotile, Dec 23 2009


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