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Dam Bubbler

Reduce Hydro-Electric Methane
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According to Dam Methane Tent, Dams generate methane from deoxygenated sludge collecting at the bottom of the resevoir. Wouldn't it then make sense to use a bubbler such as is found in fish tanks to reintroduce oxygen into the resevoir?
dbsousa, Aug 31 2007

(?) Dam Blubber Dam_20Blubber
[kinemojo, Sep 01 2007]


       Let me scuba dive at the base of the dam and I'll bubble it for you.
normzone, Aug 31 2007

       Why isn't this an anno under Dam Methane Tent?
bungston, Sep 01 2007

       Thanks Brau, I'm through with those dam tents! With your help, I think the next best thing is the Bucky Bog Dome! As I've heard, geodesic domes had a problem with moisture and what better place to put all that heat and moisture to good use but in a bog! If a swamp or stream or any body of water wants to make methane that's fine by me, but lets not waste it by letting it drift off to a place where we can't use it.
wuss, Sep 01 2007

       Yeah, why not tap into that methane and use it?
bbglas007, Nov 11 2009


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