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Dance Pan - Tan Pan

more fun than walking on hot coals
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10 - 15 ' diameter cast iron skillet set up over a gigantic stove top or an over sized campfire

Play some wild music jump in the pan barefoot then dance,

Play some wild music add some butter or oil roll around in the pan nude until you achieve the appropriate coloring.

Dance Pan Tan Pan could also be used a disciplinary device.

vfrackis, Aug 09 2010

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       Yikes! (Is that Dr. Livingston, I presume, in that pot?)
Grogster, Aug 09 2010

       "Ok, so I take the Golden Dance Pan-Tan Pan, put it in the van, give it to Dan who'll give it to Fran. That's the plan."
"That's the plan?"
"Who said that?"
"I'm Stan and I'm the man and you just got ten days in the can for stealing the Golden Dance Pan-Tan Pan."

       "I shoulda ran."   

       Can't I just use it for baking a flan?
Cedar Park, Aug 09 2010

       Walking on hot coals only works because, while the temperature of coal might be high, the specific heat capacity of coal and its thermal conductivity is low. Cast iron at the same temperature as coal will char your feet pretty quickly - like the surface of a juicy steak - as it has a high specific heat capacity and a high thermal conductivity. So a [-] for inflicting crippling burn injuries on people who didn't listen to their school physics lessons.
hippo, Aug 09 2010

       [+] for inflicting crippling burn injuries on people who didn't listen to their school physics lessons. Serves them right.
8th of 7, Aug 09 2010


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