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Donald Trump Bluebottle Factory Head

Full title: The Donald Trump Bluebottle Factory Head versus the Michael Forbes, Salmon in the Mouth, ramshackle farm holding. Another celebration of the beloved kingdom of the fly.
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Donald Trump is attempting to build a multi-million pound golf course in Scotland, but the project has courted controversy and "Trump is battling local salmon fisherman Michael Forbes, who is refusing to sell up. His ramshackle 25- acre (10 hectare) farm lies right in the middle of the proposed second hole and hotel site." (yahoo.com)

I now propose a piece of work that symbolises the heroic struggle of the plain man Forbes against the mega-rich Trump.

The work will consist of a replica Trump head, equipped with a small hatch on the back of its scalp. This hatch enables dollar shaped cuts of meat to access the head via a mechanical conveyor belt.

Once in place, each piece of meat enters the perfect warm environment of the nurturing Trump. This results in the generation of large flies which periodically emerge from between the pouting lips of the head.

Contained within the space enclosing the work is a model of the controversial site, featuring another replica head of Trump's opponent, the redoubtable Mr Forbes.

The Forbes head has a salmon gripped between its teeth, featuring an open mouth, that exudes the fly attracting glow of a blue neon golf ball.

Flies emitted from the Trump head inevitably make their way into the salmon's mouth where they are promptly zapped by a high voltage charge.

Each fly zapping incident also generates the recorded sound of a cheering and applauding audience. Spectators are encouraged to join in by cranking the machine which powers the apparatus. (this also randomly agitates the Trump head into a hair flicking frenzy)

(With an acknowledgement of Damien Hirst's fly generating piece. Sorry Damien, but I outlined an idea for a fly factory at college, years before you - except you had the money to build it !)

xenzag, Nov 25 2007

Trump versus Forbes http://news.monster...s_one_wily_Scotsman
one of numerous reports [xenzag, Nov 25 2007]

Damien Hirst: A Thousand Years (Interview) http://www.youtube....watch?v=0rESmxFXAd8
[jutta, Nov 25 2007]

Trump head http://www.soxfirst...0226711/donald.jpeg
in fly emission mode [xenzag, May 27 2008]

Local Hero http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0085859/
Rather splendid 1983 film featuring a strangely reminiscent scenario. [DrBob, May 29 2008]


       Didn't mean to churn this again, but I had to put up that pic of Trump I just found.
xenzag, May 27 2008

       I was wholeheartedly in favour of this until I got to the sound effects. From my perspective, the installation - for want of a better word - would be better if it was silent and in its silence, less obviously broadcasting its viewpoint. Magnificent nonetheless, and sorely undercroissanted.
calum, May 27 2008

       Brilliant piece of art. Has Damien Hirsch already done this?
plynthe, May 27 2008

       I don't remember a Zardoz-style head full of flies in Local Hero, DrBob!
calum, May 29 2008


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