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Dance for yardage

More boogie, and more boogie abruptly ended.
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Celebratory dances in the endzone give football charm. Plus the players get to show off their dance moves. But the problem is that without a formal place in the game such dancing is too infrequent. Also there is never any chance that the booty shaking might be abruptly stopped by the dancer being knocked down and landed on by two huge guys.

I propose that under certain circumstances a player could set down the ball and begin to dance, with yardage gained depending on total time dancing. Skilled and entertaining dancing might be worth more yards, to encourage players to practice and to discourage pro forma "dancing" which fools no-one. The dance must be ended with a tackle. I can imagine cirumstances where the player catching a kickoff (this player chosen for his dancing abilities) puts down the ball and promptly starts to dance, perhaps even with a teammate, with his blockers trying to ensure maximal dancing time. Good blocking might allow touchdowns to be scored by dance alone!

bungston, Sep 26 2012

For the foreign folks http://www.youtube....watch?v=Py5NfEv6c6s
[bungston, Sep 26 2012]

Lingerie league http://www.google.c...1t:429,r:1,s:0,i:90
[normzone, Sep 26 2012]


       Only in the lingerie league.
normzone, Sep 26 2012

       It'd be kind of like a Bollywood film.
ytk, Sep 26 2012

       I like the Bollywood concept. The whole team would dance in synchronized fashion. Both teams. I can envision a synchronized dueling teams football West Side Story type faceoff. The "Beat It" video was sort of a nod to this concept (nonBollywood of course and less football) except then Mike made everyone be friends.
bungston, Sep 26 2012

       You should get this idea to the folks at the Pro Bowl. It'd be a perfect fit, and might just rescue the franchise!
lurch, Sep 26 2012

       Immediately following the touchdown and until the td'er stops dancing, all opposing fans get to use their vuvuzela blowguns.
FlyingToaster, Sep 26 2012

       // But the problem is that without a formal place in the game such dancing is too infrequent. //   

       That's because doing too much of it draws a penalty. There's a ruling called 'excessive celebration' which prohibits the very thing you're advocating.
Alterother, Sep 27 2012


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