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Dancing Legs Roland

electronic keyboard with dancing legs
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Most electronic keyboards come with a set of spindle type fold away legs, meaning that the keyboard stays put when being played.

Dancing Legs Roland does the total opposite as it dances around the stage on its four supporting legs while the musician plays in co-ordinated movement harmony with the animated motion.

It features of course the supporting robot legs as outlined in Fido Come Home. To use Dancing Legs Roland, you simply swop your suitcase with the keyboard and start playing.

Dancing Legs Roland will respond perfectly to the music and have no trouble negotiating a busy sound stage, just as the airport environment presented no difficulties.

You can of course get Dancing Legs Roland to stand perfectly still, or simply walk along sideways, pacing the stage as it were, or you can rest your fingers on his keyboard and he will slide deftly from left to right in reciprocating motion, minimising your arm movements.

Under development: "Oooh! That's Lovely, Massage Table" (hint - it has same Boston Robot legs, only now features a massage table instead of a suitcase or a keyboard)

xenzag, Aug 12 2022

Fido_20Come_20Home [xenzag, Aug 12 2022]

As imaged by DALL-E https://ibb.co/0D8yvmK
[a1, Aug 19 2022]

Another take with a slightly different description https://ibb.co/NCnRHNY
[a1, Aug 19 2022]

Pianos and luggage can’t be far behind https://twitter.com...1572935572661960707
[a1, Sep 27 2022]


       I demand that some lovely Programmerer soul on HB write a sleeper code to sneak into the Boston Robotic "absolutely- for-sure not-for-war" Dog, which can be activated to turn these 'dogs' deployed against civilians into suitcases (for escape from war zones), massage tables (for relaxation during stressful times), and pianos (playing to soothe refugees crossing borders). Or perhaps all three at once.
Sgt Teacup, Aug 12 2022

       Teach the robot dog to play keyboards with its front paws and you coul dhave a recursive flashmob of robot dogs each trying to play the back of the next one
pocmloc, Aug 12 2022

       Agreed. They're an inventive crew, but not very creative and there is a difference, which if you're not creative, you won't get. hahahaha
xenzag, Aug 12 2022

       Have it programmed so that all you do is hold your hands still, out at the right spacing and it moves around to play chopsticks.
RayfordSteele, Aug 12 2022

       Very good. I like the idea of Boston Dynamics doing this. Something a little less killy.   

       More dancing musical instruments, fewer robot dogs with RPGs and machine guns on their back. [+]
doctorremulac3, Aug 19 2022

       There's already military bands as well as infantry battallions. Maybe the army should gradually tip the balance so eventually there will be no guns but thousands of tubas
pocmloc, Aug 19 2022


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