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Danger Bunny

Please Do Not Make A Monty Python Reference.
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A fluffy bunny with razors glued under it fur at points where a person is most likely to pick it up, released into a populous area.

An nigh unstoppable evil, since few people would kill a bunny, at least not in front of a crowd.

Since I'm not so evil, I would train the bunny to stay away from children.

notmarkflynn, Feb 27 2006

Danger Mouse http://www.dangermouse.org
He's the strongest, he's the quickest, he's the best! [Jinbish, Feb 27 2006]

This is one of the worst ideas here. http://www.halfbake..._20the_20Halfbakery
It's at #21 as of this link's establishment. [notmarkflynn, Apr 04 2006]


       Hmmm, razorback seems a strange name for a rabbit, can I pet him?   

       for what purpose exactly?
po, Feb 27 2006

       Release wild caltrop bunnies into the countryside to take out unwary motorists. [-]
coprocephalous, Feb 27 2006

Dub, Feb 27 2006

       Oh Danger Bunny, the blades, the blades are shining   

       From ear to ear, and down the other side   

       The strokes are gone, and all the strokers are dying   

       'Tis me, 'tis me must go and you must bide.   

       But on your back when bunnies' in the meadow   

       Or when t'scithes' hushed...   

       and bright-red with warm fresh blood   

       'Tis I'll be here in bunshine or in fishbone   

       Oh Danger Bunny, oh D.B., I loathe you so.   

       And if I come, when all the Flopsies are a-dying   

       And You are dead, as dead You may well be   

       I'll come and find the place where You are lying   

       And kneel and say [pa've] and take a pee.   

       And You shall hear, how soft I tread above thee   

       And all your dreams will cool and darken be   

       If I'll not fail to tell thee that I loathe you   

       You'll simply rot in peace until I come to thee.   

       You'll rot in peace until I come to thee.
Dub, Feb 27 2006

       Never thought that anything at all could make Danny Boy a worthwhile song, but that's really rather splendid, Dub.
spinglespangle, Feb 27 2006

       // strongly suspect that this is one of your 'autoboner trap' ideas// Hey, it caught fourteen of 'em.
coprocephalous, Feb 27 2006

       That was the sweetest anno song ever. I am honored.
notmarkflynn, Feb 27 2006

       What can I say? I was inspired by the bunny.   

       (Pokes index finger into bunny skull, and thumb and middle finger into where the bunny arms were, and makes a fetching glove puppet - ala Sooty and Sweep) - [thank Si for the image]
Dub, Feb 27 2006

       Perhaps this could be marketed as a Greenpeace style defense mechanism, whereby all the poor snared bunnies cut themselves free by wiggling around.
Shz, Feb 27 2006

       You don't seem to realize that the poor bunny would slice itself to bits if it tried to move.   

       Have a very sharp-edged fishbone. Don't cut yourself. Or, rather, don't cut the bunny.
DesertFox, Feb 27 2006

       Looks like the Auto-bunner's been.
Dub, Feb 28 2006

       And it's not mark flynn.
DesertFox, Feb 28 2006

       dammit [Dub] now no-one's gonna want to delete this. Inspired.
neilp, Feb 28 2006

       I must say, I hate the idea of an auto-bunner as much as I hate the idea of an auto-boner.
notmarkflynn, Mar 01 2006

       I voted for this because I thought it was funny. Also, it is in public: evil: animal, so I evaluated it on that basis.
calum, Mar 01 2006

       So it was [calum] all along. Interesting.
I'm voting [-], regardless of the category for the same reason as [DF]
hidden truths, Mar 01 2006

       But the bunny wouldn't cut itself. The blades are facing out ward. Why would I want an evil animal that just kills itself? That's just a depressing animal.
notmarkflynn, Mar 01 2006

       nmf, bunnies really don't equate with cutting instruments - this is a no no!
po, Mar 01 2006

       That's why all my lackeys are either simians or rabbits. Fewer problems in that department.
notmarkflynn, Mar 02 2006

       here ya go [big sleep]
Blood spills from the ha-re
and blood it quickly falls
and the buns that someone gives you
Don't do anything at all
It's Just Malice
and it's ten feet tall

       And if you go petting rabbits
and you know you're going to fall
Tell 'em a hooka smoking caterpillar
has given you the gall
justs Malice!.........
Zimmy, Mar 02 2006

       +. Getting closer to Duracel Bunny explosives
spiritualized, Mar 02 2006

       Would that be an explosion that doesn't stop?
notmarkflynn, Mar 03 2006

       This would be a terrible blow for Trix advertising.   

       [Dub], can I put your song on my profile?
jellydoughnut, Mar 03 2006

       'course you can, mate! :) I...I'd be honoured. Published at last!
Dub, Mar 13 2006

       What Jinbish said.
DrBob, Mar 13 2006

       //I would train the bunny to stay away from children //   

       Yeah, because many children wouldn't hesitate to murder a bunny. Trust me, I know. Of course, they probably wouldn't go FMA and eat it, but they would cut off the feet and sell the blades to emos. Speaking of which, said bunnies would be kidnapped by emos all the time for pets.
Shadow Phoenix, Sep 29 2007


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