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Dangling punctuation generator

Create an overwhelming stream of (s
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A web server is set up to constantly create (s and to broadcast them across the internets. The number of (s being generated to be constantly increased to the maximum possible given bandwith and computing power limits. The enterprise to be funded by donations from people who delight in confusing pedants who insist on an equally balancd number of (s and )s.
pocmloc, Sep 12 2020


       {pre-emptive} ))))))))))))))   

       {pauses to reload}
pertinax, Sep 12 2020

       This was why Thanos would always eventually lose. If an arbitrary number of parentheses were to disappear out of existence, there’s not a high probability they would do so in a balanced set of open and closed. In response, pedants everywhere would rise up and defeat him.
RayfordSteele, Sep 12 2020

       You appear to have reinvented LISP, complete with the extra 'S'
4and20, Sep 12 2020

       To close off pedantically, the matching ) has to come from the right environment. May be all punctuation has to have a type number s to match generating environment.   

       If environment is unknown then follow [pertinax]'s method of a whole lot of different environments, as a stop gap to proper matching.
wjt, Sep 13 2020

       The answer to that problem is to assign an embedded unique identifier to each individual parenthesis, shirley ? Some form of quantum encoding...
8th of 7, Sep 13 2020

       //assign an embedded unique identifier to each individual parenthesis// No, because that would use up computing power that could otherwise be used to generate extra (s. Nice try though.
pocmloc, Sep 13 2020

       Say what....
not_morrison_rm, Sep 13 2020

pocmloc, Sep 14 2020


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