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Dark Side Of Our Moon

Do with it what you will.
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Article II of the United Nations' "Treaty on Principles Governing the Activities of States in the Exploration and Use of Outer Space, Including the Moon and Other Celestial Bodies; January 27, 1967" states that, "Outer space, including the moon and other celestial bodies, is not subject to national appropriation by claim of sovereignty, by means of use or occupation, or by any other means."

My original idea was to produce a Mechanical Flag Distributing Space Robot for the British Space program in order to rekindle our proud Nation's enthusiasm for stealing land with the cunning use of flags. However, due to the Article above the idea was rendered an MFD: Space Robot. But I still liked it.

Further consideration upon this offending Article has revealed to me a small loophole: outer space is not subject to //national// appropriation, ie by *nations*. Therefore I propose the collective design, funding and production of a Halfbakery Moon Shuttle equipped with flag distribution (and removal) equipment in order to lay claim to the moon as a community/corporate entity. Once in our possession we can use the moon to fulfill hundreds of our halfbaked ideas including, but not exclusive to, drilling holes through the entire body to produce a big smiley face in the night's sky - the holes also facilitating the solar- system's longest unhindered free-fall and/or rock launchers.

Alternatively we could sell the moon's surface as advertising space; Create a giant lunar steam engine by boiling water in the Moon's natural ambient temperature; Draw a big star on the dark side of the moon to produce the popular but hitherto physically impossible symbol; A variety of cheese related experiments; or just nuke it. We'd also have the right to rename the Moon to something more specific, though I'd suggest doing this before nuking it.

Imagine basking in the glory of all those invisible fingers pointing up at us.

Yes, that's right. Let's-all go to the Moon. The crux however is laying claim to the Moon legally as a corporation, not as a nation. The rest, dear friends, is whimsy.

theleopard, Aug 25 2007

Moons on the bakery http://www.halfbake...ession=moon&ok=+OK+
[theleopard, Aug 25 2007]

The Treaty http://www.yale.edu...usmulti/usmu016.htm
Fools! [theleopard, Aug 25 2007]

Pointing at the moon. Invisible_20Finger
Don't look at the finger, or you will miss awww that heavenwy gworwee. [theleopard, Aug 25 2007, last modified Oct 09 2007]

Halfbakery Homeland Halfbakery_20Homeland
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Already claimed by Swiss - rats! http://images.jupit.../28/78/23297828.jpg
wonders if mars is still available.... [xenzag, Aug 27 2007]

Halfbakery flag \Halfbakery_20flag
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We Liiikee de MOoon! http://www.rathergood.com/moon_song/
[gnomethang, Aug 27 2007]

You never leave a man behind... http://img212.image...moonflagcopyjo5.jpg
Unless of course he lives there. In which case you edge slowly and quietly away towards the spaceship. [theleopard, Aug 29 2007]

Prince Vultan http://www.geocitie...3/flash/flash12.gif
TALKS IN CAPITAL LETTERS! [zen_tom, Sep 04 2007]


       So, the idea is for the halfbakery to claim the dark side of the moon? Sort of a moving target, isn't it?
ldischler, Aug 25 2007

       All of the moon actually. Apologies if the title is deceiving. It's more like our dark side unleashed upon the moon. Mwuhahahaha etc.
theleopard, Aug 25 2007

       is it pink?
po, Aug 25 2007

       The shuttle or the moon?   

       Or the flag?
theleopard, Aug 25 2007

       But of course: nuke the croissant logo into the bugger. I will paypal you £20 to support the cost of launching the big rocket.
wagster, Aug 25 2007

       Here's my USD$19.95. +
Klaatu, Aug 26 2007

       It's only a croissant moon,
Floating in a cyber space,
But it would not be make believe,
If we shot up lots of paint.

wagster, Aug 26 2007

       + I like it.
xandram, Aug 27 2007

       Some guy already owns the moon. He will sell you part of it. He is now a Kajillionaire. His legal claim rests on more or less the loophole you identify.
GutPunchLullabies, Aug 27 2007

       We like de MOOooonn!
gnomethang, Aug 27 2007

       I have a bit of his moon. It cost a little more what you might expect for a framed certificate with something humourous on it, but I somehow doubt it would stand up in court...
wagster, Aug 27 2007

       I hadn't seen that Wikipedia article when I wrote this idea but apparently the loophole I thought I had independantly discovered has been used already. However, this Dennis Hope...; <Hightened RP> does he have a flag?<H-RP>   

       There is obviously controversy over this "Moon for sale" issue, the which I propose we end with the cunning use of a picket fence. Surely no-one could dispute our claim if a robot fence builder built a big fence round the moon and deposited a flag in the middle.   

       Alternatively it could erect a small circular fence and deposit the flag on the outside...
theleopard, Aug 28 2007

       Would the picket fence somehow be suspended above the surface of the moon (a bit like a Saturn-ring), or on the surface? If the latter, then which side of it would be the outside?
pertinax, Aug 29 2007

       That depends on which side we place the flag. Of course, we could always take two flags...   

       Love the flag link [Brau].
theleopard, Aug 29 2007

       We might not even need a robot. <linky>
theleopard, Aug 29 2007

       <looks at link> are we leaving [Treon] on the moon?</lal>
k_sra, Aug 29 2007

       I've resolved not to go there. I'm trying to be good.
normzone, Aug 29 2007

       Well, as far as I can tell he's from outer space anyway, so I don't think he'll mind.   

       We'll build him a little hut with a swimming pool out the back and a low-grav tennis court and he can sit on the porch in a rocking chair with a banjo on his left and a shotgun on his right, drink moonshine all day long and scare away any pesky varmats that pass by.   

       Unless of course, anyone else volunteers?
theleopard, Aug 30 2007

       i might. i don't believe in "varmats."
k_sra, Aug 30 2007

       Interesting. Do a google on "varmats", you get nothin'. But do a google on "pesky varmats", and it'll give you the right spelling.
theleopard, Aug 30 2007

       varmats is just a mistyping of carmats i suspect. either way, i wonder if you can hear a banjo in zero atmosphere...
k_sra, Aug 30 2007

       It's an electric banjo (solar powered, naturally) that plugs into his suit, which then leads up to headphones in the helmet.   

       In space, no one can hear you banjo...
theleopard, Aug 30 2007

       new favorite saying, "about as useful as a solar-powered banjo on the dark side of the moon." it better have batteries as well, [thecougar].
k_sra, Aug 30 2007


       Oops! I just changed my spots.
theleopard, Aug 30 2007

       hehehe. and they said it couldn't be done. = )
k_sra, Aug 30 2007

       I hope that bone isn't from [Treon]. We're not *really* going to leave you on the moon. Honest.
theleopard, Sep 01 2007

       yes, we lack the funding.
k_sra, Sep 02 2007

       We're still waiting for the Sultan of Brunai to discover this place and invest a few billion on a whim.
wagster, Sep 02 2007

       Sorry, Brunei.   

       Apologies for any offence caused to the Zoltan.
wagster, Sep 02 2007

       Now, Prince Vultan on the other hand would be an invaluable ally in this venture. He doesn't seem to be affected by the vacuum of space, he can fly, which is top-drawer, and he's a hardy warrior. I can see him now arriving on the moon and declaring garishly:   

       "Treon's ALIVE!!"
theleopard, Sep 04 2007


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