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Date night auction

Instead of being afraid of romance, sell it.
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Locally there are four weekly auctions. one on Monday, a second on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Many buyers sell at the swap-meets on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Auctions start in mid afternoon and can go until midnight. A separate auction to sell the junk may take place earlier or on a separate day.

(Take the contents of a home kitchen pull out anything likely to sell for ten bucks, everything left is the junk. The junk slows down an auction and bores people. Quickly the auctioneer is selling to a small crowd of say under 10 professional swapmeeters/buyers. Best to sell some stuff offline so to speak.)

The items sold are mostly small estates, storage containers, bankrupts and so on. A good auctioneer can sell a basketball court sized budding of stuff stacked ten foot high in a single night.

They don't sell routinely on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. They don't get enough of a crowd. The normal crowd is selling or dating.

Finally the idea:

To get a crowd on those weekend nights they should show old movies. A chic flick before and guy flick after the auction. And switch the order back and forth week to week.

ie Cf auction gf then Gf auction CF a week later.

During the movies you would run the junk auction at the back end of the building. And during the main auction you would seed the auction with items dating people buy each other. Jewelry, Flowers, Drinks, dolls so on. This would attract both gays and straights that are in maintenance mode and want something cheap and entertaining. A bit too low rent and loud for a first date, but later and when married would be a good routine diversion. And the singles could eyeball each other.

I'd go.

popbottle, Jan 08 2014




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