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Day-Night Illuminated 24hr Rotation Globe

This should already exist and I'm annoyed I can't buy it
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We have a study. This is a new development that has occurred behind a door I'd been disregarding. Largely I'm happy about it since the lighting is gentle and it's been explained that a cocktail station will be installed.

Obviously, a study needs a globe. In an effort to help, I did a little shopping. The selection is inadequate, most have to be turned by hand and very few show how the empire is going.

The solution, in addition to clearly marking the colonies, is a better globe.

Firstly, it should rotate automatically, clockwork or even that new stuff with the magnets. I'd like it to rotate once every 24hrs, like the proper one. For extra points, it can tilt to simulate the seasons

Secondly, it should be illuminated. There are illuminated globes, designed by the mentally feeble which just make the whole globe glow like a cheap light shade. Instead, the internal illumination should simulate the intensity and spectrum of the actual sunlight apparent to the Earth's surface. The globe should rotate around this light so that countries move through dawn, noon and dusk at the appropriate times. If a clever internal projection is used, cities and roads etc can light up on the night side. Really clever internal projection/spherical screen could show live clouds, electrical storms, oilfield fires or the hurricane that will ultimately destroy the trinket.

Now you can simply place this at any orientation you like, you can stare at the dawn line waiting for it to glint on the peaks of the Himalaya, or you can turn it so noon is facing you and it's a nice lamp. It would also be a useful reference of what time of day it is at any point on the globe, so you don't wake your brother up at 5 am.

I'm annoyed this fairly obvious thing doesn't exist, the globe industry should be ashamed.

bs0u0155, Nov 20 2018

MOVA, at least it turns. https://www.movaglobes.com/
[bs0u0155, Nov 20 2018]

Just 3d print this in two halves. https://www.youtube...watch?v=YjkP1BcwLNI
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Nov 21 2018]

Globe that shows constellations at night. https://www.amazon....c=1#customerReviews
[doctorremulac3, Nov 26 2018]

Animated News Globe Animated_20News_20Globe
Previous discussion of this kind of idea [hippo, Nov 27 2018]


       This seems like an entirely reasonable idea, which could be implemented and would be both practical and pleasing. Even so, [+].
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 20 2018

       //This seems like an entirely reasonable idea, which could be implemented and would be both practical and pleasing.//   

       My apologies. I was upset, this was not my intention.
bs0u0155, Nov 20 2018

       It's OK. Just don't let it happen again.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 20 2018

       How about a version where it shows the city lights at night on the dark side of the globe? Have the lights go on at dusk and off at dawn in realistic fashion?
doctorremulac3, Nov 20 2018

       Great idea, [doc]. I bet [bs0] wishes he'd thought of that in his fifth paragraph.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 20 2018

       // clockwork or even that new stuff with the magnet //   

       If this is to be a suitable adornment for the study of a Gentleman, then it should be powered by a tiny beam-engine crafted from brass and steel, with jewel bearings, on a mahogany base, and with enough ivory inlay that an entire herd of elephants has to be slaughtered to provide sufficient tusks.   

       The boiler could be integrated with the fireplace.   

       While the bearings will be maintenance-free, the stuffing gland on the piston rod will require periodic lubrication. This could be an additional duty for the tubercular pre-teen child who sweeps the study chimney, and is otherwise kept in a cage in the cellars.
8th of 7, Nov 21 2018

       Little grey Space Aliens; they fly in and out through the holes at the poles.   

       This is, after all, a fully realistic model of your planet.   

       Since there will be a constant, if limited, supply of moderately high pressure steam, this could also be employed by a servant to prepare hot beverages such as coffee, in addition to cocktails.
8th of 7, Nov 21 2018

       //powered by a tiny beam-engine//   

       An elegant solution. In addition, here in the colonies, the extra heat and humidity of a steam engine would add to the general agreeableness of the study environment. Sadly, colonial summers are oppressive. To solve the problem, it might be practical to run the globe using a belt from the general purpose domestic line shaft. This would confine the heat, steam, noise, and stokers to the basement where the main engine is kept, just next to the cages.   

       The globe's belt will need occasional dressing so the tubercular child will still need to attend to the device. It is, of course, inappropriate to stop such a time-sensitive device so belt dressing should be done while it's running. I see no need to deviate from the 500hp belt that has become a reliable standard, interference from errant staff limbs notwithstanding.
bs0u0155, Nov 21 2018

       I like this. You should start with a spherical lithopane of Earth.
[link] skip to the end if you just want to see the finished result but the making of is very cool to watch.

       If you could change the colors of the led's on the slowly rotating inner projector I think you could get a lot of the effect you're after.   

       Look, would everyone please stop blabbering on about tubercular children? They're already getting difficult to find, and if everyone starts wanting one the situation will become utterly impossible.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 21 2018

       Presumably this globe will be installed in the very centre of the study, so that the matching moon can move in its orbit without hitting the walls?
Wrongfellow, Nov 24 2018

       The average distance between your planet and its binary companion is about 30 planetary diameters. If the study is a typical 4m x 4m area, then the average radius of the moon's orbit - to scale - is at most 1.95m, rather less if you have deep bookcases.   

       Scaling the "globe" to match, that gives an oblate spheroid of 1900/30 = 63mm diameter, about the size of a billiard ball. Not very impressive ...   

       // They're already getting difficult to find //   

       Tell the child-catcher to follow the sound of coughing.
8th of 7, Nov 24 2018

       //If the study is a typical 4m x 4m area//   

       You'll disturb his lordship. If he bothers to convert those units he'll start asking awkward questions about how the typical study can be smaller than his safari blotter.
bs0u0155, Nov 26 2018

       Oh, wait! You're using "m" for _metres_??
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 26 2018


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