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Daylight Wastings Solar Mulch

Grind waves and/or particles, and pour them upwards on plant life
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Hello !

Long time listener, first time caller - Okay, really first time back home since the rebirth of the 'bakery.

Now that Daylight Wastings has been reinvoked, our patio garden morning glories are wondering where the days went, and soon I'll be looking out of my apartment at a collection of plants that believe the party is over.

Enter the Solar Mulch product. This clever compound, shaped to resemble the traditional redwood bark mulch, is actually a combination of solar panel material, slow discharge capacitors and LEDs. This ingenious product is artfully arrayed around the bases of your verbena geraniums and pathos refugees from the dim interior of your overpriced arcology segment.

During the day, this composite utilizes the ambient light to charge up, and when the sun sets ridiculously early, switches to illumination mode, and gives your hummingbird plant one last encouraging glow of simulated summer before bedtime.

normzone, Nov 13 2018

" You can't run from this ... " https://www.youtube...watch?v=k4EUTMPuvHo
" - you're back at the menu... " [normzone, Nov 13 2018]


       Wouldn't light from below cause plants to bend downwards ?
8th of 7, Nov 13 2018

       Probably, and then back up during the day resulting in a cool, sine-wave stem.
whatrock, Nov 13 2018

       + bun for the title, too!
xandram, Nov 14 2018

       This should get a bun if the leaf is not a cross-sectional light diode. Though, natures weird, there might be a plant with mirrored leaves?   

       Due to the stomata being on the underside of a leaf with gas control by light, I would say the leaf , in cross section, has different layers with different purposes and so would the molecular machinery. Light from the wrong side should first be a limited lab experiment.   

       It always makes me a little sad inside when I see a tree flooded at night by street lighting.
wjt, Nov 19 2018


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