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Browser add-in to display domain registration info
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A button on the browser toolbar that fetches the domain registration info for the current page and displays it in a popup window. Useful when browsing sites that decline to offer any easily accessible information about the people behind them.

Envisioned future enhancements would involve the collation and serving of informative attributes such as 'in-joke', 'addictive time-waster', 'geek magnet', 'dogmatic usage of discussion group style layout to all areas of site', etc

oscil8, Jan 16 2003

Like this? http://pages.alexa....ml?p=Corp_W_t_40_L1
The Alexa plug-in has done this, and other things, for years. [st3f, Oct 04 2004]

whois halfbakery.com http://www.networks...2.x=30&STRING2.y=12
[krelnik, Oct 04 2004]


       I want. [st3f] Do you know if there are any privacy issues with that Alexa plugin? Alot of tools like that like to mine your surfing history for advertisers, etc.
krelnik, Jan 16 2003

       I somewhat disagree. If you are careful about where you surf, and how you have your browser configured, you can maintain a reasonable degree of privacy.
krelnik, Jan 16 2003

       krelnik: Depends on how much intrusion you are willing to accept. Alexa records all your surfing but only gives out composite information to third parties. Have a look at their privacy policy for details.   

       Dimanja: It all depends what you call 'reasonable'.
st3f, Jan 16 2003

       [st3f] I don't like anything that records what I'm surfing, even in aggregate. Thats nobody's business but mine. I've been seriously thinking about writing an IE plugin that does what some of these spyware toolbars do, specifically so I can release it for free. (Probably open source so folks can see it isn't spyware).   

       [Dimandja] I still disagree. There are many things you can run on your system that do not invade your privacy. I'm just saying be aware of the behaviors of what you download, so you make an informed decision.
krelnik, Jan 16 2003

       I know you will correct me if I am wrong so here is what I think. The domain name registration company is not going to be allowed to give out information about the people that have registered a name with them. I think it is covered by the "Privacy Act" in New Zealand and must be covered by other similar documents elsewhere.   

       All you might get is when the domain is registered and who it is registered with. Is that really going to make you more trusting of the information, goods or services provided.
madness, Jan 16 2003

       Not sure if thats right, madness. There's a thing called WHOIS that lets you look up any registered domain (or IP address, etc) and find out who registered it. Admittedly with all the registrars these days, the info provided by whois is often sparse and not useful. But see link for a typical lookup.
krelnik, Jan 16 2003

       Hmmmm, I guess the information should be provided in the interests of the public good or something. I think that sort of thing is covered in the sort of legislation I talked about above.
madness, Jan 16 2003

       But saying that something is an in-joke will spoil all the fun! Imagine if we were to put this on, say, the collaborative web-fiction idea? It would ruin it all. In jokes are a thing to be treasured.
Evil_Baron_Moustachio, Jan 17 2003


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