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No more noxious oven cleaners.
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Your new oven arrived three weeks ago and you couldn't wait to get it dirty enough to try out the latest selling feature.
Turning the dial to its, {DANGER Kiln Mode} and pressing the hidden, candy-like button, you watch mesmerized as the peak temperature is reached causing the thermal sensitive glue to release.
The inner most foil lining begins to puff out in bubbly ripples while keeping a layer of air which insulates the next foil layer against the extreme heat and thus only one film at a time is loosened.

Once cool, the offending innards are crinkled into a ball and disposed of leaving your oven spotlessly clean...at least on the inside.

One layer down. Ninety nine to go.


       This is like a self-cleaning oven that goes to a high temperature to burn off food gunk that's stuck in there.
wildgift, Oct 10 2007

       How are you going to make sure only one layer peels off at a time? How will you deal with a puncture in the outer layers? Do you know a glue that will melt at very high temperature without releasing toxic gasses at slightly lower temperatures? (+/-)
Voice, Oct 11 2007

       GM (Glue Magic)
nomocrow, Oct 11 2007

       Aw, it's not magic. Just find something with an evaporation point a bit over that used for cooking.   

       Of course, I find self-cleaning mode to work amazingly well, but maybe [2fries] cooks with messier ingredients than I do.
Worldgineer, Oct 11 2007


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