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Deep Fried Turing Machine

I can't tell whether this is a food item or a new computing form.
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In the fast-paced computer market software and hardware design firms are always looking for the best method of conveying information.

In light of this I was spending an evening at an all-night slop-joint with some friends and debated the merits of french-fries and onion-rings as a new method of Programming. Not only would it bolster a not-really faltering fast-food industry but it would give computer programmers more of a reason not to get up from their computer to eat.

Think about it, an entire industry bent on the production of frech-fries and onion-rings for the largest Turing machine on the planet. And his name? Bob Hackworth: 700 pounds of lard and the richest man on the planet. (no offence intended to any person who is named Either Bob or Hackworth or Both).

Severian, Jul 17 2002


       Ones and Zeroes .... yeah, I can see that .... I guess the ALU would be pretty bulky ....
8th of 7, Jul 17 2002

       Suddenly all the fast food monkeys at McSweeney's become coders. "Would you like to increment your cola?" Marvellous.   

       There are 10 different kinds of people in the world. Those that understand binary and those that don't.
st3f, Jul 17 2002

       And this whole time, I've been coding VB with alpha-bits..
Mr Burns, Jul 17 2002

       ...giving spaghetti code?
drew, Jul 17 2002

       Only when I'm sauced..
Mr Burns, Jul 17 2002

       ...or pasta caring.
drew, Jul 17 2002

       Catfish coding
popbottle, Oct 26 2016

       I was in a local technology store and guess how they were promoting the latest in 3D virtual environments, a fast food service counter. No kidding.   

       PS Although, it did supersize with an enlarging machine.
wjt, Oct 28 2016

       I thought this was going to be like a music box with a rotating KFC drumstick instead of a drum, with the crispiness providing data.
beanangel, Oct 28 2016

       [Severian] joined us in Feb 2002, posted two ideas and a handful of annos in July 2002, and then ...
normzone, Nov 01 2016


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