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For when the sh*t is really about to hit the fan...
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An inflatable toilet that self-inflates then safely deflates and packs away into a handy belt hooked pouch.
serendipity, Aug 17 2001

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       aaaah, serendipity
thumbwax, Aug 17 2001

       You could save a lot of mess if the fan deployed the toilet pre-prop, in self-defense, but then the shi*t wouldn't technically hit. So it would have to be a post-prop kit.
quarterbaker, Aug 17 2001

       So what would you do with the left over waste? or is it kinda like a pooper scooper?
Tain, Aug 17 2001

       You're beginning to develop the reusable Defecrisis. Version 1 is strictly a 'one hit' product for emergency use.
serendipity, Aug 17 2001


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