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Floating Toilet Seat

Your own seat floats a millimeter above the regular seat
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Don't you hate it - traveling - and you have to use the 'rest room' and you peer into the stall and some jerk has managed to soil or wet the seat - the seat that you want to use? Well, it sure would be nice if public 'rest rooms' could install a magnetic ring in the seat. Now, you yourself will have purchased your own lightweight, flexible, thin seat with a countering magnetic ring installed. One that will work in cinjunction with the public toilet seat magnets... All it needs to be is thin plastic covering a segmented ring of magnets. Now here's the trick... the magnets in your personal seat are organized so that they will work with the magnets in the public toilet seat so that you actually levitate 'above' the public toilet seat by a few centimeters. You use the public restroom, you finish up, you stand up, holding on to the lightweight personal seat of your, remove the seat from your hind end, fold it up... tuck it into your purse or briefcase and you're done. No contact, no fuss, no muss. Until the janitor comes along, you're safe and sound.
jim_brain, Aug 30 2001


       What, you haven't mastered the art of no-contact squatting?
quarterbaker, Aug 30 2001

       T'is indeed a dying art :( Jokes down, the world ~really~ does need this one to be baked. You've got my vote, [jim_brain]
Zhade, Aug 30 2001

       I predict big problems with credit cards and genital jewelry...
Bonarein, Aug 30 2001

       I dunno--can you make magnets strong enough to hold you up and still keep them lightweight? Would extra-powerful magnets in the fixed seat let you use teeny ones in your detachable seat? I just don't know...you could use supercooled electromagnets, but those liquid helium freezer burns on the bum are a real drawback.
Dog Ed, Aug 30 2001

       How about the air hockey approach? Scent the lifting air and take care of 'the scent of meat-eating men sitting down', too...
StarChaser, Aug 30 2001

       Why not just use the "jockey", or "skier" position, thus hovering your arse etc. above the pan using no magnets, only your legs.
March Hare, Aug 30 2001

       This could work - with some of the newer ceramic magnets that don't need to be supercooled...
gorn_the_great, Aug 31 2001

       Much too complicated. Just exercise your thigh musclesand squat just above the seat and Bombs Away!! People are just too into gadgets.
eachavez32, Nov 13 2003

       I really like the idea. I suppose you could latch the toilet seat in on the front of the tank, and maybe on the front of the bowl, to prevent wobbling. I wish I had one.
Ytutu, Dec 30 2004

       Of course, then it slips and you fall into the bowl and hit your head on the tank and are found hours later by a strange looking man in a red suit.
DesertFox, Dec 30 2004


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